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GameMaker Studio 1.4 Pro!

GameMaker: Studio™ has been developed with usability and efficiency at its core, allowing developers to create games within a single code base.

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The classic meets the modern Inspired by classic actions games like Metal Slug and Crash Bandicoot, Eliosi’s Hunt delivers the experience of exploring the mechanics, mastering the game and feeling your actual progress through the gameplay. All that with a modern approach: smooth gameplay, beautifully-crafted graphics and cutting-edge technology. Chasing your dream In an alien […]

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Typical virtual reality apps render the scene twice, once from the left eye’s view, and once from the right eye’s view. The two rendered images usually look very similar. Intuitively, one would think that maybe we can share some pixel rendering work between both eyes, so we implemented a tech called Stereo Shading Reprojection to […]

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Horrible Aliens ready to any game! Animated character with optimized polygon count: – LOD0: 6716 tris – LOD1: 3628 tris – LOD2: 1998 tris There are 4 different textures “PBR” – 4K set: (Albedo, Specular, Gloss, Transparency, Occlusion, Emission and Normal maps) “Mobile” – 1K set: Diffuse texture with hand painted details Fully rigged characters […]

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