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EURGAVA™ – Fight for Haaria

Take the place as a temporary figurehead and lead his people to rebuild Ouska and fight for Haaria!

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If greenlit, ‘It Lurks in the Woods’ will be available for free. ‘It Lurks in the Woods’, or ‘Elle Rôde Dans l’Bois’ by its original name, is a short horror game based on French Canadian folklore. New France, 1682. A man is traveling from Ville-Marie to Trois-Rivières. The woods are a dangerous place. No one […]

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  EURGAVA™ – Fight for Haaria welcomes you to follow Heizi the huntsman back to his country Haaria after finishing his pilgrimage. The letter he received described the currently horrible situation: The country is still in chaos after the previous war with Dokia. The current chieftain of his home village Ouska went missing. No one […]

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Juan Torres and his family were the target of an uncountable number of rumors and several disappearances that took place in El Chacal, a small village of around 4,800 inhabitants, located in the arid mountainous region of Salta, a province of Argentina. Among the stories spread around the surrounding villages, legends involving cannibalism, black magic, […]

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