Red Risk has been greenlit!

  Volunteers fight in a bloody contest for freedom and money. You’ll play as one of three volunteers armed with their favorite weapons. Survive waves of enemies with a large quantity of rounds, enemies and bosses. You will need to eat, drink and fill your ammo in order to survive. Elite monsters will cast an […]

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Knights and Bikes is on Kickstarter!

Knights and Bikes is a co-op or single player action adventure game from us! “Us” being Rex Crowle (Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet) and Moo Yu (LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank). And we’ll be joined by additional collaborators that we know and trust, like “Audio Daredevil” Kenny Young (Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet) and composer Daniel Pemberton (Steve Jobs, The Man from UNCLE, […]

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Deliver Us The Moon is on Kickstarter!

In Deliver Us the Moon, the player is tasked with the responsibility to travel to the moon with the prime objective to save mankind from extinction. The game is set in the year 2069 where human civilization has come to a point where all of earth’s resources are close to being fully depleted. In response […]

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Bear Slayer is on Steam Greenlight!

The game is set in ancient Latvia and tells the story of the mythical god-chosen hero “Bear Slayer”, who wants to bring light to the land of Latvia and free it from slavery, evil crusaders and other evil monsters from Latvian folklore. Bear Slayer is a fast-paced one button platformer arcade game about Latvian epic […]

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ESSENCE – The Resurrection is on Kickstarter!

There is no memory. No information what happened or why. Nothing about you, nothing about your life. You are in a world you don’t remember seeing before at a place forgotten by time and space. Wake up and explore this whole majestic world that has been waiting of your return so long. Remember your being and […]

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Dragon of Legends is on Kickstarter!

Dragon of Legends is an online action RPG for PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile devices, that is heavily influenced by Gaelic and Norse mythology. Enter the ever-evolving lands of Hávámal, where the lights of faeries border the realms of darkness. Two alliances have emerged across the world, both struggling for supremacy over the land and […]

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The Triangle is on Kickstarter!

The Triangle takes a completely different approach to locations, characters and main story itself. We are inspired by many interesting stories and our goal is to use best ideas and introduce them into our game. The very point of every scenarion is to give players very detailed environment and interensting, coherent story which makes them […]

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CELLAR is on Steam Greenlight!

Do you remember when as a little child you were sent to fetch something from the cellar and you were always afraid that something’s lurking there, right in the corner of your eye? Waiting for you to turn off the lights? CELLAR will allow you to go back to these days and face your greatest […]

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DUAL GEAR is on Indiegogo!

Pilot your mech and keep a tactical play by turn based system! DUAL GEAR is a Turn Based Action game giving the player experience of the pilot themselves and at the same time, the player needed to think about the tactic and strategy. Making the reaction, management of resource and awareness of the mission extremely […]

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No One’s Space is on Steam Greenlight!

No One’s Space (NOS) is a single-player Retro 2D-Science-Fiction-Shooter with modern physics. It was created as a cross-breed of the classic games Wing Commander I and Star Control II. In NOS, the player experiences a cosmic conflict between four powerful races, taking the role of different heroes. In challenging missions, reaching from manageable duels to […]

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