Zenodyne R is on Steam Greenlight!

Zenodyne R is the remake of the shmup that came before Zenohell. It is a new game styled after the shooters of the early ’90s, featuring a simple scoring system, branching paths and a YM2612 soundtrack that will make your ears go into overdrive! Relive the first Zenonian war! Features: – Gameplay reminiscent of early […]

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Plasma Puncher has been greenlit!

The life of a white blood cell ain’t easy, especially when its home is being invaded by a humongous bacteria leading a horde of microorganisms set out to dominate the bloodstream! As the last standing white blood cell, you must destroy this Mother-Bacteria and the virulent army that it carries, using your bare fists and […]

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Faunus Fields is on Steam Greenlight!

Faunus Fields hearkens back to the days of Harvest Moon, but brings a new twist to the genre by introducing a constant threat to the player and the town the player lives in — a beast is demanding weekly tribute in the form of crops, and if the player doesn’t stop it who knows what […]

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Maximum Archery The Game is on Steam Greenlight!

Maximum Archery The Game is an Ultra-Realistic first person Bow Hunting simulation. Players must master hunting equipment and the elements just like you would in a real life buck hunt. The game is targeted for users who love to experience a challenging bow hunt for monster white tail deer. The game includes 20 different episodes […]

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Dark Lord: The Duel is on Kickstarter!

Dark Lord: The Duel is a 2D action adventure side-scrolling platformer set in a Dark Surreal Fantasy setting. It’s a game based on one never-ending duel, re-enacting the classic conflict of old folk tales in its own surreal-macabre interpretation. The grand final battle without anything else before or after. One arena. One protagonist. One arch […]

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Mitch: Berry Challenge is on Steam Greenlight!

Mitch: Berry Challenge is a Lighthearted Retro inspired 2D Platformer with classic and simple controls, challenging levels, hand drawn animations and a fully composed soundtrack. You’ll play as a Green Iguana from the Goain Tribe. The tribe’s most important treasure has been stolen and you, Mitch, must go to the island where it was taken […]

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Fantasy Symphony is on Steam Greenlight!

Fantasy Symphony includes many interesting characters such as Ralph, Arnet, Ulrika, Jake and many other ones. There is a mouse system, so you can use mouse to move objects, touch and even talk to NPC’s. Play while having fun is game concept. I will work hard to improve the game mechanics showed in the trailer and also […]

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God’s Death The Enhanced Edition is on Steam Greenlight!

Get ready for a medieval adventure, full of mysteries and brutal monsters. Play as little princess who faces against a horde of bloody creeps and an invincible dragon god. It’s told by the legends that the dragon god is born over the earth and under the sky. So, he’s not an alien and not a monster. No […]

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12 is Better Than 6 – Full Review

It is 1873. An escaped slave is slowly walking through the desert, making his way from Mexico to Texas. He keeps a revolver close and is wearing the sombrero stolen from a dead man. Unique shooting mechanics – You’ll need to cock the revolver with one trigger before being able to shoot by pressing another […]

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Moira is on Kickstarter!

To read this campaign in portuguese, click here Para ler essa campanha em português, clique aqui Onagro Studios invites you to embark in its new adventure full of magic, mysteries and an itsy-bitsy of Game Boy love! Möira is an action platformer that draws inspiration from the classic 8-bit portable games with a modern twist, […]

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