Empires of the Undergrowth: Rise of the Colony is on Kickstarter!

Empires of the Undergrowth is a dungeon management style ant colony simulator with an emphasis on fast-paced strategic encounters. Players will excavate their nest from the earth, build up an army and engage in tug of war style battles as they attempt the journey back to their ancestral mating grounds. The game’s theme is taken […]

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Adam Wolfe on Steam Greenlight!

Step into the shoes of Adam Wolfe, investigator of the supernatural. Driven by your sister’s mysterious disappearance, take to the brooding streets of San Francisco, where crime and paranormal occurrences intertwine in dark corners. Solving one mystery after another, slowly unravel a larger conspiracy that could lead you to your missing sibling, but may also […]

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Pixel Pursuit is on Steam Greenlight!

*In a super deep movie voice* In a world deprived of pixels, Bit needs your help to restore the resolution in Chrominance. By using your sick pixel gun and platforming skills you can help save Chrominance from Spectra and get the girl (just kidding that’s totally generic). To complete this bad ♥♥♥ adventure you must […]

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Eliosi’s Hunt has been completely greenlit!

Eliosi’s Hunt is a sci-fi top-down shooter and platformer with a unique universe, challenging and fluid gameplay and stunning visuals. You play as the young Eliosi, who dreams of becoming a bounty hunter but completing his first contract will be more challenging than he thinks. During your journey, you will face monsters from nature, mutated […]

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LUNA – The Shadow Dust on Kickstarter!

Behind the veil of reality, lies an enchanted world. When the world lost its balance, it fell upon a boy to take on an unexpected journey. Until the moon rises again, the order of the world will not be restored. One can not go back in time to correct his mistake. Whatever happened is irreversible… […]

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Ghost Theory is on Kickstarter!

Ghost Theory is a first-person adventure horror game, designed to be a serious take on ghost hunting and paranormal research, featuring real-world haunted locations. Intrigued by your supernatural talent of clairvoyance, a struggling university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you a front-field operative in paranormal investigations. Using a wide range […]

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The Town of Light – Full Review

12 March 1938. Renée, 16 years old, is ripped out of her world, locked up and deprived of everything. Her only fault was that she didn’t know what her place in the world was. “A danger to herself and others and a cause of public scandal” wrote the police headquarters. The only horror you will […]

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Rise of Keepers – Full Review

Rise of Keepers (RoK) is a mix of the best Old School RPGs and Tower Defense. The idea behind RoK is to offer a new gameplay concept bringing together the best features of each game style. In Rise of Keepers your main goal is to defend and level up the Crystal. You will face the […]

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Courier of the Crypts – Full Review

Courier of the Crypts is a 2D action adventure game where you have to survive as a courier on his first errand to the guardian of the crypts. Your main tool to achieve your mission is a magic torch which you use to illuminate your path, defend from evil spirits and solve puzzles. The Magic […]

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Banzai Escape – Full Review

Amino Corp have been suspected of committing some suspicious activity that has led the Bureau Investigation agency to send some of their agents to investigate the company. Some Weeks have passed however there has been no response from those agents sent. The agency has requested help from P.A.S.K.A.L to go into the Amino Corp building […]

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