Aik on Kickstarter!

Talking nonlinear storyline, the player is able to move on a world map and to discover new places and areas of the game. You will get „quests“ by a visual impression, basically a shining of light showing you what to do in a certain area of the game. Solving this, the game reveals a part […]

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Medieval Castle pack Volume 1 – Unity Asset Full Review

Medieval Castle Pack Volume 1 is the perfect package for those who want to build a medieval environment. The pack contains 26 prefabs, including towers, medieval buildings, flags and medieval objects. Version 1.3 is now available! Atlas textures and improved meshes.   The Medieval Castle Pack Volume 1 is a small and lightweight yet very useful model […]

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Rising on Steam Greenlight!

Rising is an isometric pixel art fast paced action game, where you fight the forces of hell to drive them back from spreading corruption through the land. The focus is on the non-stop action, continuous hordes of enemies will try to engage and take you out, but they will also fight each other if provoked! Take […]

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Terrain Stitcher – Unity Asset Full Review

With Terrain Stitcher/Stapler you can blend/stitch neighbour terrains using advanced or simple mathematical function. If you get hole at terrains border, during your work process you can easily blend it and remove. You can chose blend rage and mathematics function power. System contains blended LOD system for neighbour terrains, which remove LOD differences between terrain […]

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Wonster’s TD on Steam Greenlight!

Wonster’s TD is the first game of Wonster’s collection. You will defeat hords of monsters by shooting them with your Wonster towers. A massive tower defense strategy game including 5+ game modes on each level, different damage types, different challenges and infinity player levels (see limitations). Features 31+ level on 5 scenarios + arena and […]

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Hand-Painted Forest – Unity Asset Full Review

Inigmas Studios proudly presents our first asset pack! This pack contains roughly 80 models, with over 100 prefabs! This pack also comes with 4 unique terrain materials ready to use in your next creation–Grass, Dirt, Rocky Path, and Grey Rock. To really help the artwork express a more hand-painted feel, we have specifically set up […]

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Cubotrox on Steam Greenlight with Demo!

Cubotrox® presents an innovative gameplay into puzzle videogames, similar to Tetris, but you can rotate the board and compose abstract and figurative forms. Moreover, it expects a real “old-school” challenge for the player, using a “retro-futuristic-neon” visual style and “synth-retro-wave” music, composed by Pablo Martín Atanes. The gameplay is as follows: there is a board […]

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Edengrad last few days on Kickstarter!

Edengrad is a survival MMORPG based on the foundation of post-apo alternative culture and taking cues from such genre classics as Fallout and Mad Max. The game uses sandbox gameplay mechanics, letting the players take their own paths, rather than predefining a goal that needs to be accomplished. The main Focus of Edengrad is survival, […]

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Along The Edge | An Interactive Visual Novel

Daphné is at a dead-end. She’s unsatisfied by her personal and professional life. So, when she inherits an old family house in a remote part of the country, she jumps at the opportunity to start anew. Does she decide to embrace her legacy or does she hang to her old way of life? Features An […]

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Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime last days on Kickstarter!

As a young knight, go on an adventure in a surreal, storybook-like galaxy in your trusty spaceship. You need to be skillful in battle, upgrade and manage your ship well, and make the right choices during encounters. Only then will you be able to defeat the dreadful League of Black Knights who terrorize the realm. […]

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