Color Chaos Full Review

Color Chaos is a twin stick shooter that delivers fun and chaotic color swapping arcade action that will keep you coming back time and time again to beat the highscores on the leaderboards. Features: Swap your color to suit the situation. Enemies that are the same color as you can not hurt you, however you […]

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AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) Full Review

AWA (Aircraft Warfare Arcade) is a fast paced shoot-em-up featuring modern military aircraft. Choose one of the seven fighter aircraft and take the battle to the skies throughout nine action-packed stages each with their own special end-level boss. FEATURES 9 action-packed stages each with their own end-level boss 8 player fighter aircraft to choose from […]

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RYAN BLACK on Steam Greenlight!

You, Ryan Black, a seasoned operator of secret service were summoned to get what looked like an ordinary mission. Investigate, gather information, return. But everything went wrong from the very beginning – strange savage creatures, genetic experiments, ravage, destruction and a faint smell of foul conspiracy. Fight, run, jump and climb making your way through […]

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The Long Reach on Steam Greenlight!

The Long Reach is an intricate puzzle adventure where you have to run for your life. It’s a The Cave-ish style adventure in which your puzzles are walking, mumbling, and yelling. They went insane and are there to get you. You’ll have to work out their own personal horrors. The story is weird ♥♥♥♥ delivered […]

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Modular Interior (PBR) – Unity Asset Full Review

Package contains 17 modular models. Models are well optimized for PC platform as well for mobile devices. Total Triangles: 3824 Package also contains 4 textures each 8K resolution (which could be downgraded to 4K) Textures: Albedo Normal Metalness Emission   The Modular Interior (PBR) asset pack is a well done and affordable pack for any game […]

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Hand-Painted Desert Pack – Unity Asset Full Review

Inigmas Studios is proud to present our third asset pack, this time we’re delivering a desert set with an emphasis on multiple desert themes! STATISTICS Demo Levels: 1 Prefabs: 49 Models: 42 Format: .FBX Terrain Materials: 14 Shaders: Water   The Hand Painted Desert Pack is a small cartoony pack of models that will bring […]

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Low Poly City Pack – Unity Asset Full Review

Low Poly City Pack An American style urban and industrial pack created for modular environment building workflow. The package is built for a high modularity purpose with a low polygon count and optimized texture atlases. The package contains: • 480 individual building assets • 220 prefabs for quick assembly of sets • 35 pre made […]

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Black Flaggers Pinball on Steam Greenlight!

Black Flaggers Pinball invites you on a pirate’s journey of plundering loot, swashbuckling adventures and cannon wielding foes. Wicked pinball mechanics and magnificent ball rolling physics running on a cutting edge engine: The next-generation pinball experience. Black Flaggers Pinball is playable in VR too: on the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Black Flaggers Pinball […]

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Hand-Painted Village Pack – Unity Asset Full Review

Inigmas Studios proudly presents our second asset pack! Our newest pack, the fantasy village pack, comes with roughly 315 uniquely created modular assets, all prepared in prefabs! All of our assets come with a single texture atlas making expansion onto the set a cinch, whether you wish to expand on to the atlas itself or […]

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PBR Sci-Fi Weapons – Unity Asset Full Review

Sci-FI Guns! + PBR MetalRough texture maps + PBR SpecGloss texture maps Unique models of weapons allow you to create the atmosphere of the future. All models are in FBX format and have special for Standard (Specular/Metallic) shader texture maps (2048×2048, easy to downsize) This package contains: Rifle, Fire-gun, Shotgun, Pistol. The models have material […]

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