SALE 50% off, enjoy Everything you need to start creating a dark fantasy catacombs levels. Completely modular set, with several types of walls, floors, columns, rubble, etc.

Catacombs and gravestones are based on real-life temples and ruins in Rome.

– 79 high quality prefabs to create your own levels.
– 4k resolution textures
– Demonstration level

Tested on PC.



The AAA Ancient Catacombs is a uniquely designed asset pack bringing you extremely detailed models to build your desired creepy catacomb environment, with any pack that has high details the major question is… how heavy is it? Will it take a high end computer to run a game/project with these models in it? The answer is… no! I can happily say that these models are actually not super heavy and can definitely be used for games/projects directed at various platforms (for android use, you’ll need to do some clever batching but it can be done).




At first glance it would seem they are heavy and even dropping into the demo scene, you get about 1.4 mil tris and at least 1k draw calls (materials) but after I actually played with the demo scene for a while, I figured out that the models themselves are simply not that heavy. The demo scene is comprised of most, if not all, of what is included in the pack itself but a few things seem to be a bit excessive, simply to set give a good example of usage. Now this is all fine and dandy but a note to the developer, at least provide smaller examples alongside the all inclusive example, it helps give a better idea of things.



So in short if I remove the lights in the scene and remove all the rubble on the floor, the scene is 50% lighter and with a quick OCC addition (occlusion culling) and removing all the camera effects (bloom, shadows, etc.), the performance sky rocketed. With this conclusion I can say the pack is usable in many ways and all the models are completely modular, giving you the ability to design areas just like the demo scene or creatively make your own deep catacombs!



The pack includes various models ranging from pillars, floor pieces, wall pieces, candles, tombstones and on and on, there’s so much in this pack, it’s well worth the price as it’ll give you exactly what you need to jump start your project or add on to your current project with ease.


Start building your own ancient catacomb today!


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