ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.3 brings to you a beautiful european apartment.
The apartment is fully furnished and explorable in every part.
The scene is high optimized, and use Baked GI, perfect for a smoot and immersive VR experience !
All furniture and props are highly detailed and can be reused in any other project.

– Fully explorable
– VR Ready (Oculus, Vive)
– Mixed Lighting
– HD Texture
– More than 120 Lowpoly 3D models
– Post Processing Stack

The ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.3 unity asset pack is a pack of incredibly high quality models with Mobile/VR optimization applied! When it comes to AAA quality assets, ArchVizPRO has got you covered, with it’s highly optimized packs there’s no comparing their work to anyone elses, it simply blows others out of the water. While ArchVizPRO generally focuses on interior home designs, if this is exactly what you need you’ll never be disappointed!




In this pack ArchVizPRO provides an example scene with 7 entirely different setups, showing off all of what the pack has to offer in an professional and stylish manner. Everything is entirely modular (except for a few pieces here and there, for example bed and bed sheets, etc.), giving you free reign to design an entirely new scene or re-design the example scene for your project/game. Not only does the pack come with incredible models but it comes with an example post processing script, giving you the ability to have a completely realistic post processing effect in mere seconds, the only downside to the script is there are no options, it simply handles things automatically so if you’re looking for customization it might not be usable but in other cases it’s a perfect quick fix.





The example scene also comes with a “blocker” object that helps block windows, walls, etc., helping with perfect baked lighting, while this is useful it’s only applicable with the demo scene setup as the blocker object is all one object, it is however just a simple object and you can easily duplicate it with separate basic cube objects. I’d personally leave the blockers off and do realtime lighting with a skybox to give a more expansive experience, of course it all depends on the desired setup/effect.




When it comes to professional setups any of the ArchVizPRO asset packs can do the job, affordable, stylish and ready for any platform!
Get the ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.3 today!



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