Empires of the Undergrowth is greenlit on Steam Greenlight!

Empires of the Undergrowth is a dungeon management style ant colony simulator with an emphasis on fast-paced strategic encounters. Players will excavate their nest from the earth, build up an army and engage in tug of war style battles as they attempt the journey back to their ancestral mating grounds. The game’s theme is taken […]

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Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch is up on Indiegogo!

The story is set in Germany, in the aftermath of WWI. Put yourself in the shoes of Sebastian Frank and use your ingenuity to solve puzzles in this captivating Point and Click Adventure Game, fulfilling the protagonist’s quest of stopping Hitler from seizing power. The German nation is economically devastated, as it is forced to […]

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Skazka on Steam Greenlight!

“Skazka” is a traditional point’n’click adventure game which is set in a beautiful fantasy world inspired by russian folktales. The goal is to find a way to free the stolen bride and to to defeat the mighty evil mage. You start the game with a small intro scene in the village, where your (warning: unexpected […]

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