DARK TRAIN is a strong narrative adventure with direct action gameplay. The complete audiovisual artprocessing of the game is based on paper and handmade papercuts. DT is for those who like story-driven adventures with dark oppressive atmosphere. It combines explorable world with direct action gameplay. We like to describe it as “more than point-n-click”. Dark […]

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Ninja Moo is an action vertical scroller game about “Chocolate”, a ninja cow that fight to save our world from evil. Destroy all the bad guys and win intense boss battles with your ninja abilities. 10+ levels Boss battles with powerful transformations A lot of ninja weapons to fight against the evil ones Special movements that […]

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Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper is a 2D episodic Action/Platformer. The first chapter is planned for the first quarter of 2016. The main purpose of PANKAPU is to go back to the roots of old school Action/Platform games. The ones we grew with, simple and fun. In addition, we want to add a strong story mixing humour and […]

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