Alchemic Jousts on Greenlight!

From there, everything gets complicated as you discover new Elementals with more powerful abilities, Spells to help your elementals or to harm the enemy ones, Buffs to place in your controlled zones and Enchants to affect the Elementals that enter those zones. Alchemic Jousts is a Strategic 2D Combat game in which you will command […]

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Led It Rain on Greenlight!

Love it or hate it. There is no other options. Led It Rain – Actually not on-trails shooter (until that game play feature gets coded into game) racing motorcycle madness not yet upgraded with such Unity 5 elements such as Bloom or Vignetting and therefore being true retro game of our times having actual negotiations […]

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Megamagic kickstarter!

Two millennia ago, a meteor stroke against the Earth, changing the course of humanity. The survivors developed incredible magic powers and thus started… the Neon Age. Now, technology and magic are two realities that have deeply affected humankind, turning the world into a really dangerous yet amazing place. That ancient impact actually occurred during the […]

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