VECTOR STRAIN is an addictive fast-paced retro-styled shoot-em-up with beautiful 3D graphics and an amazing soundtrack. Choose one of the five ships each with its own play style and battle thousands of enemies and challenging bosses throughout five unique stages.   FEATURES 5 unique stages with their own setting, enemies and end-level boss 5 ships […]

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Storm United now 75% off!

Storm United is a class-based multiplayer First Person Shooter bringing top tier competitive FPS fun through 6 different game modes, 4 distinct classes, 30+ weapons and a variety of available maps. Why Early Access? “We believe Storm United is currently in a very playable and enjoyable state, making it the perfect time to get it […]

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Explore and exploit distant worlds in – A game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration. The sudden development of technology for rapid space travel enables fast and inexpensive journeys to the stars. Exo Dynamics, the dominant conglomerate in the new field, has opened flights to daring citizens of Earth. Like the Yukon gold rush of old, […]

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