New World Pangaea – MMO FPS / TPS with a large seamless world, with elements of RPG and preservation of the post apocalyptic atmosphere. Pangaea world – it is a struggle for survival. In order to survive the player must develop his/her character, build better weapons and equipment. The game focuses on the adventures of […]

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“SKYCURSER” is a horizontal, meat-on-metal, shoot ‘em up (shmup) that is in active development for JAMMA compatible arcade cabinets. Strong influences on the game include Id Software’s Doom, Nazca’s Metal Slug, Namco’s Splatterhouse, James Cameron’s The Terminator and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. In this game, a lone pilot in a one of a kind airplane battles […]

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Time is endless in the endless circle of life and energy, and as that wheel (The Circle of Time) moves. Ages come and ages pass, and are forgotten to time and become dust. In one such spoke of the wheel, we come to the story of Prithvilok. A realm ruled by beings of energy that […]

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