Asset Pack vol.1. PBR texturing. Screens made with in-build image effects for camera post production like ssao, dof, vignette etc.

Textures resolution: 512×512, 1024×1024, 2048×2048.

– Cabinet
– Candlesticks
– Cans and newspaper
– Chairs
– Fantasy dagger
– Lamp
– Letter-box
– Medieval chest
– Paintings
– Refuse bins
– Tables
– Tactical knife and Hunting knife
– Videocassete recorder
– Vintage Bed
– Vintage clock
– Vintage sofa
– Vintage TV
– Vintage radio
– Wooden toys

– Handpainted medieval weapons
– Handpainted mystic hammer
– Pans
– Stones


The Asset Pack vol.1 unity asset pack is an incredibly detailed and versatile pack of models that will take your scene from empty to fully furnished, from beds, to chairs, pots, pans, utilities, cabinets, this pack has a ton to offer and the textures are very high quality. While this pack seems a bit hidden on the store due to it’s name, it truly deserves more attention as I know a bunch of developers that could definitely make use of this. A few of the models that I like the most are the garbage bags, TV and the bed, they are highly detailed and draw you in.

While a lot of the models come with wear and tear there are a few that could be used in a newly furnished home, as for the damaged ones i’d lean more towards an abandoned building or maybe after effects of a poltergeist attack. I can think of loads of ways to use this awesome pack just make sure to remember these are high quality models, use them where they mesh well, i.e with other high quality models.

You can also purchase a lot of the models separately if you see only a few here and there that fit your game, there are also other models not included in this pack from the same creator definitely worth checking out, of course of the same quality.

You can always add damage to models with clean textures using some tools from the asset store or maybe you are skilled enough to do it in Photoshop, while damaged versions are not currently available, maybe the developer will offer both clean and damaged versions for each model in order to spice things up a bit as well as offer a balanced display.

Some of the more notable models are of course the electronics, a radio, TV, cassette player and a few other things, not to mention the free models included in the pack as an extra bonus!

All in all this is a must have pack if you plan to decorate a home interior, check out the Asset Pack vol.1 unity asset pack today!

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