Real Ivy – Procedural Ivy Generation – Unity Asset Review

  Real Ivy is an Editor Tool that allows you to create realistic and stunning procedural vegetation. The vegetation will spread and fit your levels automatically. You will be able to decorate and fill your levels with detail in only a few clicks! Key Features – Runtime support (v 1.2) – Ivy Painting (v 1.1) […]

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Zero Gravity Part One – Unity Asset Review

  The first installment of the Zero Gravity asset series. Designed for high-end desktops, the package provides you with the tools to build stunning sci-fi themed environments, and with the combination of powerful Shader Forge-based shaders, tune the mood of your environment from brand new, to old and abandoned. The package features meshes with face […]

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Horror Environment Pack 1 – Unity Asset Review

  Large pack for creation of various kind of environments with slight horror twist. Horror aspect is not necessary however. You can easily build non horror, just simply realistic environments. All objects made in realistic style. The pack is fitted for creation of such environments as hospital, office, generic old building etc. – Most textures […]

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SPACE for Unity – Space Scene Construction Kit – Unity Asset Review

  Create unique space scenes with a single mouse click. Save money, distribution size, and memory through a modular approach to replace skyboxes. Hundreds of textures up to 4096×4096 (stars, nebulas, galaxies, planets, moons, rings, asteroids). Fully automated with optional custom filters to create specific moods. Camera effects and infinite asteroid fields. Fully documented and […]

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R.A.M – River Auto Material – Unity Asset Review

  RAM pack gives you ability to create very advanced river with flowmap automatically. Shader generates few cascade type by slope of the mesh. You simply drag and drop river material into mesh or you could create it by our advanced spline tool and a stream is done. PACK FEATURES: # 1 River spline tool: […]

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Polyquest Worlds Full Pack Vol.1 – Unity Asset Review

  First Volume of the POLYQUEST series, a high quality, modular & versatile family of high-end low poly assets. By combining both high production value & presenting a complete solution, POLYQUEST is simply a must have toolkit for every production involving any kind of stylized visuals. Polyquest Worlds Full Pack main contents: • More than 110 different cliffs, rocks, blocks, […]

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Deviceless VR Viewer – Unity Asset Review

Experience and test your VR work right from within the Unity editor. No need to build and install on a device every time you want to test, saving a lot of time! Using your front facing camera and Umoove tracking technology, the extension delivers a VR-like experience that responds to where you face. You just click […]

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SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell – Review

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is the world’s only competitive heavy metal first-person platformer.  Slice every last millisecond as you race and blast your way through deadly arenas. Teleport, jump, fly, bounce and drop in a hundred merciless and fast paced maps for the ultimate prize: Your soul! Marty was having a late morning breakfast and […]

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AAA Ancient Catacombs – Unity Asset Review

  SALE 50% off, enjoy Everything you need to start creating a dark fantasy catacombs levels. Completely modular set, with several types of walls, floors, columns, rubble, etc. Catacombs and gravestones are based on real-life temples and ruins in Rome. – 79 high quality prefabs to create your own levels. – 4k resolution textures – […]

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Unity Master Course starts Monday!

  Are you ready to take your Unity Skills to the next level? Get ready to learn 7 years worth of knowledge in a few weeks!     You’re ready to build your own games and apps, but it is tough. The latest titles are amazing, the graphics look so realistic and the way they […]

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