Claws of Furry creates a blend of today’s fast pace action with classic arcade Beat’em up badassery. With a leveling system of over 40 skills and multiple modes, from Rogue-like to Arena, it’s up to the players how they build their Ninja Cat and what adventure they will follow.

Fear not the rogue-like though; the character progress is not lost, since the skills that are unlocked transfer to each new character, making the player’s cat stronger in every playthrough.


Still you don’t like rogue-like? We got you covered, with the Pussycat mode you can play the game with checkpoints in every level, in a classic linear adventure. This will not make it much easier though, fast reflexes and a keen eye are required in order to survive the journey to free your Master. You don’t have to take this journey alone though; you can have a group of up to four people in local co-op!



Before Valve closed down Greenlight, they decided to pass few games through the process manually. and Claws of Furry was one of them! If Valve trust us, you should too!



Story in Claws of Furry follows the old-school arcade path, meaning that less is more. The narrative will have linear progression, with cut scenes that will progress the story, but fear not; the game will focus more on what you really want: punching things.

Your Ninja Master was abducted before your eyes! Pursue his tracks through the territories of your sworn enemies and free him from captivity! Be vigilant though; not everything is what it seems…

Claws of Furry is a blend of the old and the new; the actual fighting mechanics are reminiscent of arcade beat’em up games but your Ninja Cat’s fighting style is fully customizable, with over 40 skills to unlock and upgrade. You want to attack fast and be agile, sacrificing damage? Or you want to be slow and hit hard? One thing is certain, in time you will be able to do both. But it will take lots of characters to sacrifice in order to become that powerful. Speaking of sacrifice…



The game’s main mode has rogue-like elements, meaning that once your character dies, you won’t see him again. But fear not, all the experience your character has gathered will travel with his Ninja Soul to another cat. The new cat will have to start the journey all over again, this time more powerful than before. Your enemies will grow with you however, and they might be a bit more prepared this time around, so why not bring some friends to help?



The game will feature up to 4 players in local co-op! The Kickstarter trailer ( that you probably already watched ) is from the Alpha version of the game. In addition to the two environments you see, there will be another two, and in case you noticed the lack of dogs in the trailer, we assure you that more sworn cat enemies await you. Including man’s best friend.



• Arcade beat’em up action.
• Multiple Modes.
• Levelling system, with transferable skills to new characters.
• Local & Online co-op with up to 4 players.
• A variety of thematic environments and enemies.
• Unlockable costumes with unique gameplay properties.
• Beautiful hand-painted art.
• Unique character design.



Claws of Furry could have been released months ago in a terribly unfinished state, the basics were in and it was certainly playable but we simply didn’t have the resources to continue it. As we started to wrap it up and began showing it off to people and events, we realised that people were genuinely enjoying the game and wanted more, a lot more. We got some great feedback and ultimately realised that we had to keep pushing it. Somehow.

We’ve spent the last few months refining almost every aspect of the game, iteration after iteration, making sure that the combat is fluid, the enemies are engaging, the world’s are well developed and the code is bug free (mostly). There’s still much to do but we’re glad that we kept at it, instead of trying to finish it early.

And so we reach a similar point again, only massively over budget this time. We know we’ve built a great game but we simply can’t continue to develop CoF full time. We’ve trimmed the GDD (Game Design Document) and prepared ourselves for releasing a quality, but short product if we fail at gathering funds. That would be a shame though, the game in its current state is like a cat that you only keep in one room because you’re a terrible person. The cat might be fantastic and glorious but it needs more than a room. It needs the whole house, it needs the neighbours houses and all their lawns and all the trees and long grass, it longs to sit in the sun and dream of things like sitting in the sun a little bit longer.

So please, if you’re against keeping cats trapped in tiny rooms, consider helping us out and together we can release these perfectly cute killing machines and allow them to do what they do best.



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