Experience and test your VR work right from within the Unity editor. No need to build and install on a device every time you want to test, saving a lot of time!

Using your front facing camera and Umoove tracking technology, the extension delivers a VR-like experience that responds to where you face. You just click play and immediately preview your VR work while naturally looking around the scene, without using a device at all.

Setup is a simple drag and drop process.


The Deviceless VR Viewer unity asset is a creative and useful asset that can help you prototype your VR projects without having to pop on the headset every time! As someone who recently got into VR development myself, the one issue I always had was positioning the headset so I could make small changes, pop on the headset and test. With this asset, testing things in runtime was a lot easier, especially for small changes or for performance tests. No more headset worries and once I feel like things are at a point where doing a full test is viable, you can easily remove the Deviceless VR Viewer and get back to full VR dive.



The asset itself comes with a demo scene showing how simple it is to use the system, the prefab linked in the scene is really the only thing you need. While this provides an easy way to test viewing via facetrack through a webcam, it does have it’s limitations and does not actually provide the full VR experience but it does give you a general idea and for on the fly testing, it’s a must have!

The system definitely feels like it’s geared more towards mobile VR dev. but could also be used for other platforms as well, my only gripe with the system is the actual price. I would be happy paying $10 for this asset but $30 feels a bit over board, while I personally feel this way, it is the only asset on the store that gives you these features and with extreme ease of use, can’t beat that.

The Deviceless VR Viewer is useful and it’s one of a kind!



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