Create roads and rivers without the need of 3D modelling software!

Easy Roads Mesh Gen tool allows for very fast and easy creation of roads and rivers inside Unity. It has easy to use, simple and organised interface which improves the workflow.

Just drag the navigation points where you want them and the tool will do the rest. Pick your own texture and apply it on top.

The tool comes with a free to use road texture.

This version of the tool doesn’t have a terrain morphing feature.

The Easy Roads Mesh Gen unity asset is a very powerful and affordable system that helps you generate roads with ease. Whether it be dirt roads, street roads or maybe even something of your own creation, this system is only limited by what textures/materials you have and the extent of your imagination! Looking over the example scene there’s a few different setups showing how the road gen can be used, it didn’t take me long to say “wow that’s cool” as the system itself is very versatile. There’s one setting that allows you to link certain parts of the road to another part and then if you move them away from each other, the system fills in the blanks automatically. So no more laying down individual pieces to make an entire street, now it’s as easy as linking street edges and pulling them in opposite directions, can you say easy? haha

Something mentioned above, this pack comes with 1 road texture/material to get you started, so your not just using the default gray material, this gives you the chance to have a better idea of how this system could possibly be used in your game, as well as gives the customer a bit more satisfaction. With that 1 material, the system can be put to use right away, without it, it’s almost useless to a beginner, nice choice there asset creator!

Now something to keep in mind when deciding if you are giong to get this pack, it does not have a terrain morphing feature, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what type of game you plan to make. I actually own EasyRoads3D and found that it’s a great system yet I wanted to be able to make roads WITHOUT needing a terrain beneath, unfortunately easyroads3D does not allow you to do that, you MUST have a terrain. Of course you can always make a terrain and turn it transparent but the terrain will still be there so that’s sort of pointless, for many games that roads are generally on terrains, that system is perfect but for a game that does not want nor require a terrain, this asset is perfect for you.

For the price this is one of the best road generators on the asset store, head on over and check out the Easy Roads Mesh Gen asset!

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