This package features 236 Modular Prefabs to use for your games or projects! This package is suitable for both pc and mobile type games.
Made up of all “wooden” type builds, great for ocean-side scenery, abandoned isles, villages built upon the water, or even wooden encampments on land.
Now supporting full support for Scaffolding and woodland scenes. These modular wooden pieces can help to spruce up your scenes or levels quite well!——————————————–

What’s new?
This is the “Scaffolding” Update, V 1.5:
Added +73 new modular prefabs.
-Row boats and small ships
-Fixed fire particle effect and texture
-Added new lantern light variant
-New scaffolding, docks, and quay platforms
-Support beams and more wooden planks
-Changed Fishing Net texture
-Added secondary Texture for main builds
-2 new paintable plant textures


So what was included? (Initially)
-25 Shacks, shack walls, and stands.
-27 pieces for Thatched housing or shop creation.
-37 Docks and Quays, Bridges and Beams. Newly fashioned, well-kept looking.
-27 Docks and Quays, Bridges and Beams. Old styled and worn down and broken.
-4 pre-built modules for added decoration.
-43 props, consisting of barrels, crates, ladders, fishing nets, torches, and lanterns.


This package also features x5 Terrain Textures, x1 Grass Texture. Each at 1024 res.
Total prefab textures = 4 at 1024 res.



 The Fishing Wharf and Scaffolding unity asset pack is a great pack of models for any game that requires a run down fishing wharf setup, all the models are completely modular and well optimized! Not only are they modular but you also receive 3-4 different variations for each model, giving you the ability to really customize your scene the way you want and re-use the models for various setups. The pack also comes with a basic fire particle effect for the torches and it’s not one from the unity standard assets pack, putting a nice custom touch to the pack.



Not only can these models be used for over water setups or dried up ravines, it can also be very useful for on land setups and transitions, considering the models/props included and the few bridge models, the models are definitely versatile enough to be used in any useful setup.


The one thing to keep in mind is the included colliders, as you see in the images some of the models have open gaps in the wood boards, while this is a nice effect it can cause a bit of an issue when being walked over. For a FPS game that uses one general collider it probably won’t be a major issue but if you’re doing a more complex setup with precise collision detection then doing a bit of clean up may be in order.


This can be done pretty easily by just adding a new box collider that covers the open areas making it so there’s no gaps to fall through, of course this all depends on your setup and is entirely up to your preferences but all in all it’s an easy fix and not something that should defer you from considering the asset pack.



One great thing about this pack is the incredible additions that come with the asset updates, from v1.0 to the current version a lot has been added, while the asset hasn’t been updated in a while there might be an update in works, further expanding on what’s currently available. Even without a new update, the pack itself has a lot to offer for the price.


On the original release of the asset (v1.0) the pack included 163 models/prefabs, a huge range of models for any setup. With the current version (v1.5) you get a total of 236 models/prefabs, for $22 that’s a bargain in any universe you live in! If you can’t make something awesome with that amount of models, tutorial videos are for you!




For a quality pack of fishing wharf assets look no further, the Fishing Wharf and Scaffolding asset pack has got you covered!



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