HERCULES – The Untold Stories is an Action Platformer Adventure Indie Game inspired by classics, like Dynasty Warriors, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and God of War. Its combat system includes hack-n-slash sequences, mind-boggling puzzles, acrobatic challenges through deadly traps, and the Time-Swap system where you can on the fly travel back and forth between the past and the present.

Throughout the game lies an amazing story. You will play the role of Hercules, the illegitimate son of Zeus, in a completely different storyline compared to the Greek mythology. Alcmene, his mother, is murdered after she receives the wish-fulfilling gem bestowed by Hera. Meanwhile, Zeus and the other gods on Mount Olympus disappear mysteriously. What has happened?

HERCULES -The Untold Stories takes you into a world of intriguing attempts through timeless incidents, where past events are untold by the intertwining of the past and the future and their influence on each other.

You will adventure through 9 mythological levels, from the forests, palaces in the world, to the vast fields of landlords. It’s full of places with more than 50 types of enemy, with legendary mythological creatures, like Cerberus, Minotaur, Chimera, and Dragons. You will also receive help from various NPCs, from the gods, as well as the demons, who appear in the levels, after completing their quests, of course. Hercules himself has effective combos and special skills, which you can either learn from the NPCs or purchase in the game shop to fight for the glory.

The most important thing is that HERCULES – The Untold Stories is not just an idea or a plan on paper. We have completed the programming for most of the game’s features, including:

  • Time swap system
  • Platform movements: jump, double jump, climb, roll, slide, swing…
  • Combat: combos, enemy AI, skills, effects…
  • Adventure features: talk system, quest, inventory, item crafting, usable items…
  • Puzzles: drag, push boxes, levers, traps…
  • Menu and others.

We have combined them in one prototype so you can test and give us feedback to improve. We also have the most number of characters, objects, and scenes that are needed to build a whole, complete game.

The game will be finished and sent to you on 15th Nov 2017.


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