Explorer ready to use in your adventures!

Animated character with optimized polygon count and 3 LOD levels:
– LOD0: 4500 tris
– LOD1: 3300 tris
– LOD2: 1700 tris

There are 2 different sets of Textures:

“PBR” – 2K: (Albedo, Specular, Gloss, Emission and Normal maps)

“Mobile” – 1K: Diffuse texture with hand painted details

Fully rigged characters with 13 animations and ready to Mecanim.
Includes face rig for the LOD 0

Included 2 jet pack Fx

The Heroes – Space Explorer unity asset pack offers high quality space characters at a reasonable price, the package includes various models, skins, textures, animations & more! While the title explicit says “heroes” I found that you could probably use this character for other things, such as repair men or if you turn off the head, decoration for the interior of spaceships. I’m sure there’s hundreds of ways to use this pack and it looks like the creator thought ahead, especially when it comes to various textures not only for the space outfit but the face texture as well (clean and dirty), which I thought was a really nice touch. One thing that really stood out for me right off the bat was the helmet animations (open & close), considering the way the helmet is rigged, simply turning the axis to make the helmet go back doesn’t seem to give the desired effect, which is why I am sure the animations were included and are greatly appreciated!

The model itself is very high quality and comes with various levels of LOD’s in order to match your gameplay, not only that but the mobile version (found here) is also included. This definitely gives you a lot more control over the level of detail for the character/model to match any type of game you are making.



A cool feature that I like about the model is the Emission texture which gives that glow effect for the lights on the model, with a few added camera effects, these emissions can give off a great sci-fi feeling. The only downside is that since the character is all one mesh/material, there’s no real way to control the level of emission for lets say, just the arms or just the center light, something like this would be a great addition for future updates. I can think of a hundred ways I could use separated emissions during gameplay, interactions, actions, life display, etc. etc.

The animations themselves are really smooth and seamlessly loop although you can tell that the pack was made with the intent for an action game as the included animations include things such as kicking, shooting, etc. so there is no pick up or interaction animations (there’s a talk but it’s more like an idle 2). Animations are of course always a big deal as when you get a model/character from the store, it’s not always rigged the same way as other models, so some animations may not work with the rig, this is why when I purchase assets I always look for packs that include at least the basic interactions that i’ll probably be using in game, just to minimize the chance that i’ll have those issues. Something I did notice while digging around in the files is that the prefabs don’t actually include an animator setup, they include a legacy animation holder which holds all the animations, even though the character is setup to humanoid.


So if you thought you could pop this bad boy in and see the animations play right off the bat, that’s not going to happen! Of course making an animator takes but a few minutes and is not very hard but perhaps that’s something worth mentioning for a future update to the pack, ease of use is something many users look for, especially newbies.

Talking about animations and rigs, as things progress in gaming having a rigged character head is very ideal, especially if you plan to display the characters face during interactions or cutscenes, well this pack thought of that and includes a fully rigged character head, this includes neck, eyes, mouth, etc. for full head animations and control. There are actually a lot of models on the asset store that DO NOT include a head rig, when I come across them I can only cringe as I had thought it just might (sometimes it’s not stated in the description but is included), seeing more and more packs coming out with this feature included gives me a bit more hope that all packs can be like this in the future, complete.

Last thing worth mentioning are the flying/hover animations as well as the FX’s included, of course for any space or sci-fi game, having a jetpack is a must! How can you be a hero without it? This pack includes not only smooth seamless animations but high quality particle effects that’ll blow the socks of any person viewing the model in action! Animations are sometimes a base but the effects? Those don’t always come with the asset pack and usually I end up having to go look for them myself but oh no, this pack wanted you to have it all, well for the price i’d hope so!

Overall the Heroes – Space Explorer unity asset pack is a great pack for anyone looking to make a space game, whether it’s exploration, simulation, RTP or animated short, this pack has what it takes to fit all of your needs!


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