Large pack for creation of various kind of environments with slight horror twist. Horror aspect is not necessary however.
You can easily build non horror, just simply realistic environments. All objects made in realistic style.

The pack is fitted for creation of such environments as hospital, office, generic old building etc.

– Most textures are 4K sized. Some 2K sized. Base color, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Emission.

– Architectural objects (walls, floors, etc).
– Medical props (surgery tables, instruments, – chemical packs, bottles, etc).
– Furniture (chairs, desks, tables, sideboards, cabinets, armchairs, couches etc). – Lights.
– Books, Magazines, Paper sheets, envelopes, various folders.
– Desk props (pens, pencils, sharpener, coffee mug, stapler, clocks, picture frames etc).
– Bathroom props (various pipes, sink, urinal, toilet, soap dispenser, etc).
– Electric wiring and power boxes etc.
– Wooden boxes, planks etc.
– Fire extinguishers, firebox etc.
– Hospital props (beds, pillows, mattresses, cabinets, bottles etc)
– 480 prefabs.
– And other objects (I can’t list them all here).




The Horror Environment Pack 1 is a versatile pack of models that’ll take your horror game from empty to full of life, with ease! With over 480 usable prefabs, you literally have creative freedom to make your very own custom environment for a horror project.



The first thing I thought of when exploring the asset pack is it felt very Outlast-ish with a touch of a few other popular game environments, this is pretty cool as even with the noticeable inspiration, the pack itself offers unique models and environments just for your game. There’s a lot to play around with here, from stairs, doors, papers, lights, floors, walls, and the list goes on, everything entirely modular and able to be used in any way you like.



The demo scenes provided give you a great idea of what you can accomplish with the asset pack, while they are a bit heavy, you can easily bring that down with doing some optimization culling or LOD’s, personally i’d section off the rooms so the gameplay is light but still holds the high quality. I did notice a few things when looking closely as the assets, there is some slight distortion with a few models textures, this is probably easily fixable as they are small smudges on a few models here and there, nothing to cause concern but definitely mention-able.

This might have something to do with the version you open the asset in, as some versions handle the textures a bit differently. I used 5.6.3 as the store states you can use 5.4.1 and up, so it might be the version, it might be the UV’s, the creator will have to look into it more to make a definitive decision.



Something to keep in mind when considering this pack is that what is provided are all interior models, there are no exterior models/props provided in the first pack BUT the Horror Environment Pack 2 provides the perfect exterior assets that extend off of the first pack.  Not only does the 2nd pack offer exterior models but a whole new set of interior assets as well, while I won’t be going over the contents of the second pack in this review, it’s definitely something to take a look at if the first pack interests you.



Without a doubt the Horror Environment Pack 1 is an awesome asset pack and well worth the price! Head on over and check it out today!





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