Mec Foot Placer is a foot placement system which provides an automatic workflow for the character feet and hands to be placed on grounds and uneven terrains.
It acts as a post process on animations using Mecanim foot IK.

Key Features:

– Automatic adjustment of feet/hands position and rotation on ground

– Automatic adjustments of IK Hints

– Automatic smooth transition between IK/FK and FK/IK

– Foot/Hand planting feature which prevents characters from foot-skating.

– Blending between foot/hand planting IK and non-foot/hand planting IK.

– Pelvis adjustment feature to avoid leg stretching and correct foot placement on ground. Currently this feature just works with respect to the legs data and it’s not using hands data to set the pelvis.

– Foot stability checking feature which let users increase or decrease the ray length automatically without extra scripting. This will help the feet to be placed on the ground more easily.

– Foot rotation limits


The Mec Foot Placer unity asset is an incredibly useful foot placement system that can take your character from flat footed to a mountain hiker in minutes!

The Mec foot placer system can find the appropriate foot position on the ground by using raycasts, the system uses three raycasts to find foot, toe and the corner of heel position. Toe position is used for foot pitch rotation and heel corner position is used for foot roll, the foot yaw rotation will be obtained from the animation itself to make sure the original animation pose is not wrongly affected. The system always check the ground availability based on foot position from the current active animation(s). If system detects any ground, the system will set the foot in an appropriate position and rotation on it.



This means that the foot placement system does not rely on anything other then itself and animations in order to function, it can easily be integrated into your current setup as long as your setup does not already support foot placement. I’ve done a few tests myself and have had no issues with systems that have no foot placement system already in place, for those that do or utilize IK it can sometimes cause glitches in foot movement/placement. Something to keep in mind if you plan to integrate this into a current project.

All in all the foot placement system is very handy and can be a huge game changer even for the simplest of games, head on over and check out the Mec Foot Placer today!



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