Mesozoica is the spiritual successor the the popular tycoon simulator, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. Falling into a world controlled by three large companies, you (the park manager) must choose which of three fortune 500 companies will join you on this capital journey. Managing prehistoric creatures ranging from all across the eras is one thing, but managing a full staff and head hunting lawyers is another. The player will balance this scale by participating in quests and decisions that will hold unforeseen consequences.






You’ve wandered your park for hours as a visitor and it’s becoming to be boring. Experience your park from the perspective of a prehistoric creature in your park. Escape, survive, and thrive from a completely different perspective as your human overlords attempt to keep the park functioning and safe.



Life has not always just existed on land, so why should we only give creatures that live on land? No, there is a fantastic array of creatures adapted to an aerial lifestyle or an aquatic lifestyle present in the game as well. Adding the two addition kingdoms of animals means more design challenges for the project but it also means we can offer a lineup that hasn’t been seen in any game to date.




Having a wide variety of prehistoric creatures to choose from is beyond important for Mesozoica. During our 9 month pre- development cycle we tried to knock this challenge out as soon as we possible could and thanks to our top tier modelers we were able to accumulate a pre-development roster of 40 + creatures (fully modeled, either animated or ready to be animated).





Mesozoica is different because it is evolutionary. It is one of the only tycoon games to let you play the game through several different perspectives as well as an optional, but immense quest system. the project is also making strides in customization which should allow the player to change everything from how their creatures look, to how they react.



Mesozoica is a tool box and you are the architect. What will you build?





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