Midli is a laid-back Breakout inspired adventure, with a relaxing, yet dark atmosphere, where you collect the soul fragments of lingering spirits, to uncover their stories and help them move on.

Play as Heli, a mysterious girl who guides the fates of the spirits stuck in Midli, as she discovers a story of her own.



At DinoByte Labs we’ve been gamers for over 20 years, and we love looking at how we can take the classic games we loved, and add a modern twist. Our favorite games today have depth and great stories, so when we started working on Midli we wanted to combine unique and dynamic mechanics, with captivating art and sound design, and a compelling choice driven narrative.

Midli is developed for initial release iOS and Android mobile devices, with the potential for a PC release if we hit our stretch goals.


  • Enjoy a deeper mobile gaming experience
  • Change the story depending on how you play
  • Discover multiple endings!
  • Get to know a diverse cast of characters, each with their own story
  • Explore a dark, yet relaxing atmosphere
  • Experience the story of Midli through animated cutscenes
  • Encounter several unique and interesting enemies
  • Play with environmental obstacles like rain and darkness, time manipulation and much more!
  • 45 levels, spanning 5 aesthetically and mechanically different worlds – with more worlds depending on stretch goal funding!


We were inspired by “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, a Korean TV drama written by Kim Eun-sook. It tells a series of short character based stories parallel to the main plot, each one only a few minutes long, yet they quickly get you caring for the characters and what they’re going through. This became the basis for how we designed our narrative, and how we present the characters Heli meets through the game.

What you learn about those characters will change based on whether you collect their light or dark fragments. You can even influence the outcomes of their stories, as it will be up to you to determine their fates, either by ‘forgiving’ or ‘forgetting’ them. Ultimately this will even change how Heli’s story ends.



You will get to know our cast of lost spirits through their own unique short stories spanning aesthetically and mechanically different worlds, each as diverse as the characters themselves.

  • Yuri Park, a youthful girl in her 20s, struggles with the uncertainty of her future
  • Erik Haraldsson, a husband and father, is unable to express his emotions and affection
  • Josephine Lewis, a family matriarch, regrets missing out on the life she dreamed of
  • Nicolas Santiago, a remorseful troublemaker, fears others see him as darkly as he sees himself


Funds are a super important way to help support our project, but there is even more you can do and it’s free! We’re a pretty small studio, and not many have heard of us yet, so every time you share our story you are helping spread the word to even more potential backers! Even if you don’t have a huge following, every share helps ❤



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