Horrible Aliens ready to any game!

Animated character with optimized polygon count:
– LOD0: 6716 tris
– LOD1: 3628 tris
– LOD2: 1998 tris

There are 4 different textures
“PBR” – 4K set: (Albedo, Specular, Gloss, Transparency, Occlusion, Emission and Normal maps)
“Mobile” – 1K set: Diffuse texture with hand painted details

Fully rigged characters with 10 animations and ready to Mecanim. Rig setup to use Humanoid animations.

Includes blenshapes.



The Monsters – Alien Assassin unity asset pack is the perfect asset pack for any sci-fi game, one awesome alien with various textures and animations, who could ask for more!

Once again PolygonMaker has made an awesome product and this time it’s an alien! The model reminds me a bit of the electricity guys from the Half Life series, scary and something i’d definitely run away from if I saw it in game. The animations included are incredibly perfect for the creature, there’s a taunt, a few attacks, run animations and a few other ones that help this model come alive! Unlock some other packages, this character has a full facial rig and facial motions are included/baked into the animations, especially the taunt animation.



The model itself comes in a few layers of LOD’s so you can better adjust which version you’ll use in game or have a full layout of LOD’s for spawning 100’s of these guys into one scene, whatever your fancy is, there’s a setup for that, the pack even includes mobile textures in case you are making a game for mobile. I’m sure the lowest level of LOD combined with the mobile materials/textures will do the trick for being able to have dozens or even hundreds of the same high quality model, in the scene with no issues at all.



It might not be super apparent in the screenshots on the asset store page but this model does come with an emission texture which not only controls the brightness of the aliens eyes but the light emitting from a pattern on the models head (which is only really visible when emission is turned up). The various skin colors and ability to control the emission during setup or runtime, gives this model an extra boost for variation points. I am sure you can utilize this one model to have at least 8 variations of this alien (varying textures and emissions), something to think about when considering the price and if the model has enough variation to be utilized for a game (yes, you should milk it!).

You are only one step away from populating your game world with this awesome Monsters – Alien Assassin unity asset pack! Check it out today!


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