Sapu on Steam Greenlight

Sapu is a top-down, action RPG game with dark atmosphere. Play as a supernaturally gifted young boy and save humanity from evil that endangers the world. Explore ruined and grim locations, discover the mysterious story, develop elemental magic skills and fight against the creepiest beasts we can imagine! Sapu always dreamed to be supernaturally gifted. […]

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Relic : Tale of the Undead Princess on Steam Greenlight!

The princess is dead… But she is back ! The last hope against evil forces. Help her explore the realm and succeed where all heroes have failed. Relic : Tale of the Undead Princess is a retro 2D action-adventure game, with a fine blend of exploration, puzzles, secrets and challenges !         […]

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Agatha Knife on Steam Greenlight!

  Experience life through the eyes of seven-year-old Agatha, an insomniac who finds herself conflicted between friendship with the animals in her mother’s butcher shop and her unwavering love for eating meat. Embark on a satirical narrative point-and-click adventure as you go on an unpredictable journey through Agatha Knife’s quirky and hand-crafted world. Aiming to […]

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Bomb Chicken on Steam Greenlight!

Who doesn’t love chicken? … Especially when it’s smothered in delicious blue sauce! Welcome to the world of Bomb Chicken, an explosive exploration puzzle platformer. Explore the versatile mechanic of laying bombs: – Lay stacks of explosives to reach high places. – Kick bombs through impassable areas or even around corners! – Take out the […]

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TERGO on Steam Greenlight!

TERGO is a Singleplayer & Multiplayer Survival Cosmic Horror game that takes place in the vein of 2027’s intergalactic chaos, spanning a weird chaotic world inspired by our own world’s various hypotheses and mythologies. Players will navigate beautiful yet weird environments and planets! using a variety of stealth, distraction, and traps-building techniques to survive to […]

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Juanito Arcade Mayhem on Steam Greenlight!

Our beloved classic Arcade games have been infected by the evil Clonocells! Juanito, a lazy bones kid was chosen to save them by Gluk, a manipulative bipolar alien. Get inside an Arcade machine, go through all the most famous retro video games, equip you laser gun and fight against the mutant Clonocells from outer space! […]

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NANOSPACE on Steam Greenlight!

INVASION OF THE BLACK INSECTORAT Story: Мeteorite with spores of biomechanical creatures (nano-mites) fell to the Earth. After 27 million of years the one survivor Core activated . Inside the Core grow and develop three beings. Nano-mites have a unique set of skills and live in symbiosis, they have ability to generate a variety of […]

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Thrust 30 on Steam Greenlight!

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of classic 1986 gravity based cave crawler and shootemup: Thrust. Thrust 30 is a remake designed for modern platforms, and brings more features, game modes and levels to the classic gravity game’s formula. Featuring in game music and Sound FX by Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2, Tusker, Vendetta and Driller) Title […]

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Battle Splash on Steam Greenlight!

Battle Splash features fast-paced and action-packed water fights in the form of a third-person shooter. Take your water weapons and challenge with/against your friends. Feel the frenzy as water splashes from your weapons can accidentally wet your opponents, your allies, and even yourself! The aim of this game is to create a fun, intense, and […]

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Oracle on Steam Greenlight!

“The reporter said she would also like a sort of short documentary with me on this island, how I live here, all alone…” Oracle is a single player, open world experience with dozens of locations ready to be explored by travelling around the map and discovering the truth about Quijana and what’s really happening around […]

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