Real Ivy is an Editor Tool that allows you to create realistic and stunning procedural vegetation.

The vegetation will spread and fit your levels automatically. You will be able to decorate and fill your levels with detail in only a few clicks!

Key Features
– Runtime support (v 1.2)
– Ivy Painting (v 1.1)
– Procedural spread
– Presets system
– Normal mapping, reflections, PBR support
– Lightmapping support
– Optimized generated mesh
– Customizable leaves and branches shapes
– Place by click on the Scene View
– Customizable growth path
– Friendly UI

You can use any shader with the generated meshes, so if you have a specific shader for vegetation with any effect (such as wind effect), it should be compatible with this tool.

To use this tool you only have to:
– Choose a preset
– Click wherever you want the ivy birth
– Click start growth
– Save the generated mesh

Or with the new feature “Ivy painting” you can paint ivy over surfaces!




Real Ivy is the perfect solution that 90% of Unity users have been looking for, a procedural, lightweight and beautiful, ivy generation system!

When I first got into Unity, one of the first things I worked on was placing ivy in scenes and it was such a pain to try and optimize 100’s of ivy objects. Now, years later, Real Ivy comes in and saves the day, offering something we all wanted but only dreamed it would come true. Procedural ivy placement is A MUST in any nature or Rpg settings, those minor details can change the entire appearance of your scene, really bringing it to life in mere moments.



At first glance you might think “it might be difficult to use” but actually the system is extremely easy to use, from point and click placement, transform placement, easy to understand and customize inspector values, runtime creation, paint ivy on objects, there really is no simpler way to get exactly the look you want, for any setup!

The system is so powerful you can create dense and varying ivy areas, with little to no impact and with a few optimization additions like making the ivy static and using batching, you can optimize the scene even more! Diving into the demo scenes you can get a pretty good idea of how the system works, there’s also tutorials you can follow which can get you setup and going in less than 10 minutes.



The system comes with 10 pre-setup options which allows you to generate various types of ivy depending on what you’ll be using it for, while you can create your own based on custom inputs, these pre-setup options are definitely very handy and a great starting point for any enthusiast.





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