Create an RPG map easy with only 3 buttons: left and right mouse button and shift or control key.

RPG Map Editor in an autotile map editor for RPG games or anything you want to create in the Editor or while playing your game. With collisions and minimap integrated and everything you need to create a complex and wonderful RPG world easy and quickly with no complicated tools or options.

– Directional Animator for character sheets with 1, 2, 4 & 8 directions (NEW v1.5.0)
– Basic AI Behaviours: Follower, NPC and Companion (NEW v1.5.0)
– Area Transitions
– Fog Of War layer (NEW v1.2.8video
– Multi Layer Support (NEW v1.2.4)
– Full Html Documentation (NEW v1.2.3)
– Custom tile size (NEW v1.2.1)
– Multiple Tilesets 1 (NEW v1.2.0)
– Air & Sea Vehicles 1 (NEW v1.1)
– Fast Path Finding using coroutines and different heuristics(NEW v1.07)
– RPG Maker VX Tileset Support
– Optimized for creating big maps and low draw calls for a good performance in smart devices
– Edit in game or in Scene View
– Changes in game mode saved
– More!

RPG Map Editor is your one stop solution for bringing your project over from RPG maker to Unity with ease, offering at least 50% of the same tools and functions RPG maker has, any RPG maker fan or enthusiast will instantly love this! Want to utilize map making in the same fashion as RPG maker? No problem, everything is setup in a similar fashion and even expands on the old system to really show the power of using Unity.


From animated sprites, smart AI, HUGE and detailed maps, easily integrate able events, triggers and the like, multiple graphic layers, customize able tile sizes, vehicles, procedural map creation, path finding, mini-map and more, this package simply has it all. The only thing this pack does not include is an actual battle system found in any RPG maker software, while this is a minor downside, it’s probably best to make your own in order to really diversify your game.

Since this core system supports RPG maker tiles and sprites, you can most likely bring anything over from your existing RPG make project with ease or utilize the currently available packages for sale on the RPG maker main site or steam page. I did notice that a few RPG maker creators have brought over some of their work into the Unity asset store, something I would look into as it could prove useful if you plan to use the RPG Map Editor.

All in all this is an incredible system to get you started on making your RPG game in Unity, there are tons of tutorials and guides to get you started so don’t hesitate,
head on over and checkout the RPG Map Editor today!


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