Models of rusty cars for POST-Apocalyptic world games.

– 6 cars
– 3 with customable windows
– 3 without customable windows
– Package is not recommend for racing games because wheels are not rigged
-All models are in fbx. format
– 1 special shader with 1 special cubemap FOR FREE

Models of rusty cars for POST-Apocalyptic world games/Project-6 cars

-Diffuse, Spec, Ao, Normal, Textures
-3 with customable windows
-5 Vehicles are fully customable
(lights, wheels, interior, Mirrors,)
-Ready for your project!
-All models are in fbx. format
-1 special shader with 1 special cubemap FOR FREE

The Rusty Cars 1 & 2 unity asset packs are two very affordable and useful packs for any post apocalyptic environment(s), with both packs combined you really have a wide range of stationary car props ready to be put into your game! One thing to mention and it’s clearly stated in the asset descriptions, is the props are not setup for any type of motion/phsyics, the actual rigging of the cars/vehicles is mostly a centered gameobject with the physical object placed in an ideal position (i.e the wheels). While this poses no issues for static props, this is why is says you cannot use them for racing, the wheels are not setup properly but after looking at them myself you MIGHT be able to get it working if you tinker with the wheel hierarchy a bit.

This would mean creating your own parent gameobjects and re-positioning the wheel/setup to enable in place rotation. It’s definitely possible and totally up to you if you’ll take the extra 30 minutes or so to set that up, as props they do a wonderful job and even come with interiors! Mind you not all of the interiors have proper texturing (mostly the ones with non-clear windows) so are probably not useful for showing the interior in game but still adds a bit of depth and detail to the cars. The interiors are separate gameobjects so if you don’t want to use them you can easily turn them off, saving you some memory in the long run.

The only downside is they are a bit low quality when it comes to the texturing, the custom cubemaps and shaders are nice but probably don’t live up to their full potential with the new unity 5.5+ lighting due to these packs being released prior to those unity releases. A slight shader change can make all the difference but it won’t change how high or low res the textures are so keep that in mind. Nonetheless, they look great from a distance and could possibly still be used in a high end game as long as you don’t allow the player to get within a certain distance of them (when the low res textures are apparent).

Overall both packs are decent and can be useful, especially for the price, so if you have a post apo environment you are working on, check out the Rusty Cars Packs!

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