Designed to be a useful, ever growing set of valid solutions to boost creativity for end users. It presents a modular, easy to combine system of objects, structures and PBR/IBL lighting solutions which allow the creation of different sci-fy, hi-tech industrial themed scenes.

Mainly conceived for first-third person camera angles, the models can be easily adapted for top-down or platform games.

The package includes:
-185 Prefabs with walls, ceilings, floors, doors, crates, containers, barrels, computers, screens, pipes, cables, and much more. Always with mesh colliders included.
– More than 40 textures.
– PBR standard materials.
– Demo scene including up to 5 different ambiences interconnecting each other.

The SciFi Industrial Level Kit unity asset is a huge pack of assets that will help you build a highly detailed and immersive environment for any sci fi game idea you have! The pack comes with a brilliantly designed demo level that really shows off what the asset pack has to offer, including already applied optimization giving you an example of one way to creatively design a level and optimize it for playing on most computers.



One really cool thing about this pack is how modular it is, giving you the ability to use this one pack to create hundreds, maybe even thousands of rooms with different variations. The textures range from 512 – 2048, lower end mostly small objects and higher end being larger objects, with this texture quality and PBR setup, you can expect a good level of detail and realness in the visuals.



Another great thing about the pack is the variation in prefabs, most are separate pieces but there is a folder containing pre-built rooms for easy drag and drop developing or even spawning for randomly generated games. The big thing about the setup in the demo level is the baked lighting, using OCC (occlusion culling) you will notice that sections will disappear in the hallways and the lighting will change, fortunately the demo comes with 2 separate blockers for occlusion usage, helping reduce the effect of being able to see open space in the distance. The lighting however may need some re-baking or switched to realtime but of course it all depends on the setup you want to go with.



Considering this pack was released a few years ago, the quality still holds up to this day and will most likely have many years before it’s life is up!

Of course the pack comes with a demo scene that has all of the separate pieces next to each other, showing everything that comes in the pack, all the different variations for walls, lights, pipes, etc., just opening this scene you can really say “wow this pack comes with a lot!”



One thing to note is the particles, they all generally use the legacy particle system setup which is being fazed out by unity in future updates, I tried the pack out in 5.6.3 and everything works fine but you can probably expect the particles to not respond so well in the 2017 version and onwards.  Fortunately the particles should be easy to replace with another asset pack as dust particles, smoke and fumes are pretty common in most particles packs.

In it’s entirety the pack looks awesome and I highly suggest you head on over to check it out!

Build your sci-fi game today with the SciFi Industrial Level Kit!




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