Celebrating the 30th anniversary of classic 1986 gravity based cave crawler and shootemup: Thrust. Thrust 30 is a remake designed for modern platforms, and brings more features, game modes and levels to the classic gravity game’s formula.

Featuring in game music and Sound FX by Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2, Tusker, Vendetta and Driller)

Title music and in game artwork by Martin Keary. Code and level map art by Andy Hayes.

Steam trailer video music: Lukhash – “In The Past” from the album “Dead Pixels”.

Current features
* Speed Run
* Endless
* Extra Gravity and Blinking Levels
* Multiple platforms including touch screens and joypad support
* Completely free updates and offline play.

Extra features being considered for steam release:
* Achievements
* Story Mode with multiple paths and roguelike upgrade system.
* Level editing and a Community based portal for sharing.
* Global and regional leaderboards.
* Sixteen quadtrillion planets.*(1)

BETA testers wanted, signup over at the Discussion tab.

More information at: http://www.thrust30.com




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