The first installment of the Zero Gravity asset series. Designed for high-end desktops, the package provides you with the tools to build stunning sci-fi themed environments, and with the combination of powerful Shader Forge-based shaders, tune the mood of your environment from brand new, to old and abandoned.

The package features meshes with face weighted normals, tiling base materials, and detail decals to ensure the best possible visual quality even at very close distances. Base materials feature multiple parameters such as; Base Roughness, Roughness variation, Material color, color variation, Material variation ( create cracked or chipped paint etc), texture and variation sizes, and more.

Package includes: 

· 59 Prefabs which include: Walls, Panels, Windows, Props and more
·77 texture assets which include different types of PBR materials, and masks used for material customization
· 4 Custom Shader Forge based PBR shaders with up to 28 different parameters
· Asset overview scene

Package features
· High-quality meshes with face weighted normals
· Highly customizable base materials
· Decal textures for details
· Fully PBR textures sourced from scanned data
· Variation masks used for roughness and material variation




The Zero Gravity unity asset pack is a small pack of extremely detailed models to build your ideal hyper realistic space craft interior!

From the moment I saw this asset on the store my interest was peaked and good thing too because after looking it over, I was not let down. The level of detail and customization provided in this asset pack is incredible, really giving you the freedom to create uniquely designed scenes from this one pack.

One thing to keep in mind though is that while the pack is somewhat modular, it’s not as modular as you’d think, most of the large prefab chunks are all one model. Meaning you can’t remove or change placement for those things, this is however done for a specific reason and after playing with the pack for a bit I understood why.



High optimization is definitely considered with these models and that’s a big reason why they aren’t supremely modular, considering the actual models themselves hold a high tri count, further optimization may be required (such as LOD’s, culling, etc.), when i say high i mean in the millions. Most high end computers can handle this no problem so that’s not a big issue and if you are purchasing this pack for how it looks, you can only expect that’s the audience you’ll be marketing to.



The one and only thing I do not like about this asset is that it does not come with a demo scene, so the scene shown on the store isn’t actually provided. Some developers do this in order to ensure the demo scene isn’t used as is in a game without any alterations. But the developer himself actually stated that the reason it was not included is that he had some issues with the lighting flickering, this could be an issue with moving through the scene and seeing flickering on certain objects. The reason behind it is understandable but on the other hand, you could simply update the scene to use a different setup in order to provide a demo scene or at least create a small demo scene similar to the one shown in the shots.

Being able to see what the assets you just bought, are capable of, is a big deal. As someone who’s always one the store, this is definitely something I look for when diving into an asset, my first thought is “where’s the demo scene” as seeing is believing!



Other than those few minor things, this asset is incredible and definitely worth checking out. There is literally no other ship interior asset on the store that’s as high quality and realistic looking as this one, by far it beats the rest. Now give us a demo scene and more prefabs (more modular!) and this e’ll be in my top 5 assets!



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