ASTERION is a 3D action and adventure game with puzzle elements, very much in the vein of Zelda games with a dash of Souls-like.

You are Asterion, last in a long line of minotaurs bred to brave the dangers of the Labyrinth of Crete: an ancient, enigmatic, massive structure.

Its purpose is a mystery, but yours is not: you must go in and keep the world from ruin.

Inside the cyclopean dungeon you will explore the Five Warden Realms from a central hub. Each is a uniquehand-crafted and interconnected environment with its own fierce enemiesand challenges to overcome.



To aid you in your quest and face the risks of the Labyrinth, you are equiped with the mighty Labrys: a powerful ceremonial axe of heros of old, key to unlocking the mysteries of the past. Without the Labrys by your side, you’d be doomed.

In each Realm you must seek one of the Five Wardens: powerful entities that will test your mettle in epic boss battles. Why they are here and what they are guarding is yours to uncover.

Overcome their challenge to prove worthy of their Blessings: fractions of an ancient ritualand key to unlocking new, upgradeable abilities.

Only then will you be ready to face the final challenge and risk saving the world.



The world hangs on a thread, Asterion: heed the call of the Labrys, face the Wardens, acquire their Blessings, uncover mysteries and prevent catastrophe! Fulfill your destiny!

TLDRYour classic, Zelda-like get-the-five-McGuffins-save-the-world action/adventure set in a mix of Bronze Age Mythologies. Also, you are a minotaur, Harry.


  • Amazing 3D art
  • Epic, challenging boss fights against the Wardens
  • Big, hand-crafted, interconnected environments to explore
  • Intricate environmental puzzles
  • Hidden secrets and challenges for the bravest souls
  • An enthralling story with deep lore to uncover
  • Amazing music, tailor-made for each gameplay moment



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