HellSign is an investigative action RPG that pits you against the horrors of the afterlife, let loose on a small town. As a hunter, you’ll plan, hunt, and kill to pay the bills and piece together the fragments to your past. Just remember – a smart hunter is always prepared.


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HellSign is a creative rpg action game that drops you into the world of the paranormal, it’s time to investigate, ward off and battle ghost, demons and creatures of the like!

It’s always cool to see creative rpg action games released, especially ones geared towards ghost hunting but one thing that always seems to be the downfall in most games is the lack of interaction with the ghosts, demons, etc. as it leans more on investigation. This game however is definitely well balanced, giving you a slice of investigatory gameplay as well offensive and defensive actions against the beings you encounter.

While the core story itself is a bit spasmatic and not all that easy to follow, the gameplay itself as well as the wide variety of worlds and customization of your gear, gives you enough there to keep you entertained and occupied for quiet some time.



Things actually start off a bit slow but as you progress in completing contracts successfully you’ll gain access to higher caliber weapons, traps, etc. as well as harder missions, ones that will take the intensity level up a couple notches each time, so get ready to have a heart attack from fright!

I do think that mission instructions could be a bit clearer as I found myself wandering around a lot and having to merely guess at what I was supposed to next to progress, while it could be a feature of the game, simply not holding your hand all along the way, it does mean you’ll need to play for quiet a bit for things to start feeling intuitive.




Good thing with this game is that there have been constant updates since it’s initial release and i’m sure there will be more to come as development progresses, it’s a sign of a dedicated developer, something you don’t always see with all early access games.

HellSign is the dark and frightening world you’ve been waiting for, gear up and dive on in!





  • Creative Concept
  • Good Level Design
  • Lots of Gameplay
  • Well Designed


  • Unbalanced Graphics (Varying Styles)
  • Sometimes Humorous but Almost Always Unnecessary Amounts of Crude Language
  • Unclear Storyline (Hard to Follow/Makes Little Sense)
Author Tsuyoi
Categories Indie Game Review

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