SECTR COMPLETE 2019 is the ultimate toolkit for building structured spaces in Unity. If you want to stream an open world, bring a huge game to mobile, or take advantage of the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation, SECTR COMPLETE has something for you!




Major SECTR 2019 Upgrades:
– Unity 2018.3 and 2019.x support
– Seamless Gaia, GeNa 2 & CTS support
– Sector creation now orders of magnitude faster
– Floating point solution for extra large world support
– Entire SECTR suite is now one product
– Easier and more intuitive to use.

Major Features:
SECTR CORE: Sectr Creation Kit
SECTR AUDIO: Immersive Spatial Audio
SECTR STREAM: Seamless Scene Streaming
SECTR VIS: Dynamic Occlusion Culling
-Works in indoor and open world scenes.
-Complete PlayMaker support.
-Constantly profiled and hand optimized.
Exclusive demo content.
Online Videos and Demos

All SECTR modules include complete sourcecode, online support, and are fully compatible with Unity Free, Unity Plus & Pro, and Unity Version Control.



SECTR COMPLETE 2019 is a complete development package for any inspiring developer, not only does it work with any version of unity (personal, pro, etc.) but it also contain all the perfect optimization tools you need to make a huge, immersive world! With this complete pack, most of the hard work is done for you and scene setups are a breeze, after using SECTR COMPLETE you’ll wonder how you ever developed without it.



Streaming your scenes has never been easier, the demo scene provided gives you a good idea on how things should work. You can seamlessly stream sectioned off rooms or areas like in Darksiders games or even large terrains, of course terrains will need to be sectioned off into chunks which you can easily do with the terrain tools provided with SECTR COMPLETE.

With this one tool you can really expand the size of your games and drastically increase performance, so much so that even a complex setup could work for lower end PC’s or if you desire, maybe even open world VR. The end results will of course depend on how you set things up but all the tools are there for you to create something awesome, spend some time with the tools and you won’t be disappointed.



OCC or Occlusion Culling is another great method of increasing the performance of your project/game, by dynamically culling objects in your scene you can easily hide and show objects on the fly, making sure that the only things rendered are what is necessary. You can cull entire areas, rooms, terrains, you name it, you can cull it. It’s worth mentioning that culling and streaming are two entirely different setups and before developing your scene for one or the other, it’s recommended to know the full details of what both do and what will work best for your specific use.

I wouldn’t personally say that one is stronger than the other as both have their various uses and it will always depend on the project/game when considering performance but i will say that being able to cull lights is a big thing, considering that lights and shadows are things that can drastically decrease performance if you have too much going on. So being able to cull lights until they are needed, without losing the same realtime quality as you would if you baked the lights, is a big game changer.



If you’re an avid gamer or developer, then you know sound/audio is a very important factor, it can change the perspective/experience of any scene with the slightest changes. That’s what makes the SECTR AUDIO feature so powerful, giving you an easy to use system to setup spacial audio for rooms/areas, actions, sequences, etc.

Imagine you are outside and it’s raining, you hear the rain and the splashes, then you walk into a cave and the rain fades, bringing in the cave ambiance, these little changes can really make or break the immersion for your project/game. Once again SECTR delivers a necessary component for game development, providing easy implementation and smooth transitions, you really couldn’t ask for more.









  • Complete Developer Package
  • Smooth Streaming
  • Smooth Spacial Audio Transitions
  • Well Priced For What You Get
  • Easy To Use Developer Tools
  • Includes Helper Wizards
  • Well Documented & Recently Updated


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