Necromancers! Paladins! Skeletons! Monsters! Oh, my! You play as Reva, a young fox-eared necromancer who embarks on a quest to host an awesome dance party for all her friends… who happen to be the reanimated skeletons of her enemies.


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Skeletal Dance Party is a fun and quirky game that takes you on an adventure… an adventure with one purpose…. to get a dance party going! You play as Reva, an air headed witch who wants to throw a party but before she can do that, she needs to make some friends. Explore the dungeons and turn your enemies, into your allies!



The gameplay is pretty simplistic, explore the areas and bring back to life either already dead enemies or enemies you wipe out as you progress, that’s what it seems like at first but as things go on, you begin to gather a larger party and can call on more skeleton friends to help you fight through the dungeons. With a huge pack of allies behind you, getting through even the most dangerous of areas makes the impossible, possible!

Oh did I mention that you can upgrade Reva & your allies gear? Yup that’s right, through the levels there are various weapons, armor, etc. laying about and simply walking near the item is enough for it to be auto equipped. You can imagine how smooth of an experience this can be when you don’t even have to control the equipment manually, you simply keep getting stronger! You can however swap items out of your choosing but if you’re on the run, you’ll be happy to know this is an implemented feature.



That’s just one of the cool features this game has to offer among many others that’ll show up as the game progresses but one thing that will stay constant is the quirky humor throughout the dialogue. If you came looking for a serious game, Skeletal Dance Party is not for you but if you want a quirky, not so serious, it’s just whatever, game than this game is for you!

It’s easy to see how most gamers would go for the oh so serious games as that’s what’s mostly presented by AAA companies these days but it’s nice to see something that’s so laid back, not only in the story but the gameplay as well, that it offers much more than a funny game, it offers a funny adventure, something you’ll be sure to remember because in fact, Reva’s party never ends!






  • Fun & Quirky
  • Perfect Weeb Game
  • Humorous Dialogue
  • Clean & Crisp Voice Overs
  • Entertaining Gameplay
  • Easy Navigable Environments


  • Clunky Movement Controls
  • No Jump Functionality (Sometimes Desired)
Author Tsuyoi
Categories Indie Game Review

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