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Sci-fi female scout model with a drone unit that can be used in adventure, FPS or TPS games.

-PBR textures 4098×4098 (Albedo, Normal, Emission, MetallicSmoothness, AO)

-Rigged and animated (13 animations)

-Mecanim ready. Humanoid skeleton

-3 materials

LOD versions included.
-Character LOD0 – 25K triangles
-Character LOD1 – 17K triangles
-Character LOD2 – 12K triangles
-Drone 2K triangles

-Source model file included




Sci-fi character that is good for adventure or shooter games. Rigged and easy to use. Works with any custom animations through Mecanim. The model uses two materials.

Textures are PBR 4096×4096 (Diffuse, Normal, Height, Emission, Metallic, AO)

Since this model supports mecanim, you can use any humanoid animation with it perfectly fine.
Source files included.
Level of details: LOD0 (24k triangles), LOD1 (18k triangles), LOD2 (13k triangles)
Textured: YES
Rigged: YES
Supports mecanim: YES
Animated: NO




This model is great for RPGs and horror games. Easy to use, no external assets required. Textures are 4096×4096 but can be downscaled in Unity if you want to.
One model with three different texture sets.
Textures: 4096×4096 PBR Handpainted (Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Albedo, Normal maps, Emission maps)
Triangle count: LOD0 = 56K, LOD1 – 28K, LOD2 – 17K
Rigged: YES
Animated: YES (27 animations)
Mecanim ready: YES, you can use any other third-party animations and control the model via built-in Mecanim tools

Facial expressions: 5 basic facial expression (blend shapes)
Armor elements are separate objects, so you can disable them easily.
Wings are separate object, so you can disable them


Stanley 3D is a small independent modeling company that offers rich and diverse 3D models for use in your projects. If you are in need of some custom characters for your games then look no further, Stanley 3D has a wide range of characters to choose from and all are reasonably priced!

Starting off we have the Sci-Fi Female Scout, a beautiful model fit for any sci-fi game, the asset comes with custom animations, high quality textures, LOD’s & Source files in case you want to change something or make some adjustments to fit your needs. I’ve played around with the model in different scene setups and it looks great in all sorts of lighting conditions, i’ve even tested some holographic shaders on the model for use in sci-fi games and encountered no issues at all.





Next up is the Sci-Fi Female Unit, yet another great addition for your sci-fi game! The asset comes with high quality textures & LOD’s, the pack doesn’t come with animations but is compatible with most animations that utilize mecanim/humanoid rigs. The asset is also modular so you can remove some of the body parts if you’d like, for instance you want to make variations of the character or you want to have the removed parts as additional equipment, etc.





Last we have the Demoness/Succubus character which is by far one of my favorites, not only is it highly detailed in the textures but it has some great modeling work done with lots of modular pieces and varying textures to really make the character your own! Not only does this come with lots of extras but it also has 5 facial blend shapes you can tinker with to really bring the character to life! Facial blend shapes is something that’s pretty important nowadays, especially with games that utilize cutscenes and VO in game, so having this feature really bumps up the value of this asset.













  • Comes With Variations
  • Smooth/Clean Modeling
  • High Quality Textures
  • LOD's Included
  • Optimized
  • Humanoid/Mecanim Compatible
  • Usable for Various Gameplay Styles (i.e FPS, TPS, Etc.)


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