TSIOQUE (pronounced /tsɪɒk/) is a dark but playful Point & Click adventure, hand-animated in meticulous, frame-by-frame 2D. Escape the clutches of an Evil Wizard and discover the secrets hidden within the spellbound castle of your ancestors.


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TSIOQUE is a creative and unique point and click adventure game that takes you on a grand adventure playing as TSIOQUE, the young yet fearless hero that is the star of this game!

I’ve played many point and click games over the years but TSIOQUE takes the cake, it’s up there in my top favorites with it’s beautiful design and wonderful presentation, the game is so well designed it’s easy to become immersed into it and play for hours. One shinning aspect of the game is the various puzzle mechanics, there’s so many unique puzzles and creative ways to progress in the game, it’s truly impressive and yet again pumps up my trust and respect for OhNoo Studio.



Each room or set of environments presents their own unique presentations and challenges, some solutions are not as easily recognized right off the bat but that’s all part of the fun, exploration and excitement when you finally figure things out. Exploring the world is actually fairly easy to do as you are given a central area to return to that leads to all the major explore able areas, this removes the need for a mini-map or map of some sort to keep track of where you are at. While there are numerous gameplay areas you definitely won’t need a map to know where you are.



I think one of the major reasons why the game felt so well done is the masterful combination of humor and despair, while the game itself presents a desperate situation and dark times, it never loses sight of the funny aspects that only a child could think of. This of course is one of those golden eggs I always enjoy and respect if pulled off well for game designs, which is going back to that child like wonder where life is viewed so differently.



TSIOQUE presents wonder, mystery, entertaining gameplay and a masterful script, i’ll remember it for some time to come!






  • Beautiful Environments
  • Captivating Gameplay
  • Intricate Yet Not Super Complicated Puzzles
  • One of A Kind Game
  • Well Thought Out Game Design


Author Tsuyoi
Categories Indie Game Review

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