APOLLO are the new custom PBR and Light Based shaders for Unity Engine.




  • Standard PBR Shader
  • Standard CutOut PBR Shader
  • Standard Transparent PBR Shader
  • Standard Refractive PBR Shader PC + Mobile
  • 5 PBR Mobile shaders
  • 1 Skybox shaders
  • Light Manager
  • Custom Reflection Drop System
  • Custom CubeMap Maker
  • UV Tiling Manager


  • Color
  • Diffuse map
  • Roughness Map
  • Metalness Map
  • Smoothness
  • Roughness power
  • Metalness power
  • Fresnel Effect
  • Metal Shading
  • Specular Map
  • Specular Highlights
  • Specular Color
  • Specular Power
  • Ambient Occlusion Map
  • NormalMap + Power
  • RGB Emission Map + Power
  • Parallax Map +Power
  • Prometheus Effect


Apollo is one of those assets you wished was on the asset store a long time ago but has only been introduced recently, it’s one of those assets that accomplishes everything Marmoset Skyshop can and can’t do, plus so much more! If you’ve been an avid user of Unity then no doubt you got your hands on Skyshop and saw just how much of a difference proper shaders can make on the overall look of your game, Skyshop was one of those assets that definitely changed my entire perspective on lighting, shaders and overall presentation way back when.

Now however, there’s something much more palpable on the table and it’s name is Apollo, a name fitting for what it offers, taking unity object shading to a whole new level, one that’s not only reliable, continuously worked on but also provides accessibility to most, if not all, gaming platforms (PC, Mobile, VR, Console, Etc.), an asset so jam packed with useful, lightweight and well thought out shaders is not only a life saver for so many developers but is also offered at a reasonable price!



Apollo comes with all sorts of handy shaders, from standard light based shaders, refractive, mobile specific, VR specific and much more! I had the chance to try a bunch of these shaders in different scenarios and I can say they perform really well, so much so that I might even consider Apollo as the “number one go to” standard shaders for use in scene design. While the standard shaders unity provides have been improving over the years, most unity users know that the non mobile shaders don’t perform well on all platforms and the mobile shaders offer very little to be desired. So actually having versatile shaders that not only performs well but offer various options to fully customize your objects appearance, is definitely a big deal, one you shouldn’t miss out on!




So what makes the shaders so mobile or VR compatible? The real answer is under the hood of course but the short answer would be “they are light”, this means they provide very little performance impact on your scene while still offering various customization options. Testing out a few of the shaders I was able to get some great results in VR, little to no performance impact and actually a performance increase to the scene overall. I think you can confidently use the VR shaders on many objects at once without having to worry much about performance.








  • Useful & Creative
  • One of A Kind Asset
  • Supports Multiple Platforms (PC, VR, Mobile, Etc.)
  • Fast Performance
  • Continuously Updated
  • Great Support


  • Nothing So Far
Author Tsuyoi
Categories Unity Asset Review

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