After more then 1 year building up a solid base with the [ Basic Locomotion ] and the
[ Melee Combat ] we finally publish our most requested template.

Invector’s Shooter Template is inspired by AAA shooters and include all the features of the Basic & Melee template.




Invector’s Shooter Template is inspired by AAA shooters and include all the features of the Basic & Melee template, plus:

– ThirdPerson, TopDown or 2.5D Shooter
– Fire Weapons
– Projectile bullets with trail renderer
– Throwing objects with Trajectory system (granade, bottles, etc..)
– Melee attacks for fire weapons
– Advanced damage based on distance & velocity
– Decal for projectiles based on tags (different materials)
– Advanced Scope View
– Aiming System with dispersion, range, shot frequency, recoil, etc…
– Particles to emitt on attack
– Archery System included

Demo scenes include: – Basic 3rd Person, 2.5D, Isometric, TopDown, MeleeCombat, Shooter, StaticCameras vMansion, and more…



NO DLL’s, all the scripts are open, commented and ready to modifications.

– Playmaker
– Adventure Creator
– Final IK
– Emerald AI
– ICE Creature Control
– Cinemachine
– DestroyIt
– EasySave2
– Horse Animset Pro
– plyGame
– Gaia
– Morph 3D
– Dialogue System
– And more coming!



The Third person controller shooter template is everything you want in a third person shooter asset and more! With it’s completely customize able system and setup, you can create anything you want from this, a full shooter game, a mixed shooter and melee, pure action/adventure, you name it, the limitation is your imagination!



This asset comes packed with features and can easily integrate with some of your favorite assets from the store, with this incredible flexibility and fluid demo scenes/setups, you can easily get started with creating your game right away! Not only is the creation process pretty straight forward but there’s a bunch of tutorials on the Invector youtube channel which can help you jump start the process or help you get past an issue you may be having.

While most third person shooter systems give you just what you need to make that over the shoulder shooting game, Invector always goes above and beyond, providing you with multiple gameplay modes that you can create for, top down shooters, sidescrollers, over the shoulder and more! The features are there, now it’s up to you to make something with them!



The system comes with a lot of fun stuff to play with, a tag based decal system for when projectiles hit targets, manual hand adjustment via inspector values, scope view for weapons that allow that, custom ragdoll interactions for explosive projects and the list goes on. One thing i find fun to play with is explosives, the ragdoll interaction is perfect and smooth, giving you a real sense of impact when a grenade or rocket explodes.

A major part of shooter games is of course the camera and Invector has got you covered there, providing a supremely smooth and fully customizable camera system for all the various game setups, you can use standard over the shoulder or even static cams (from games like resident evil and the like). I personally love the static cam system as not many games use it these days and i grew up with those kinds of games so they will always have a place on my gaming shelf.

One thing you’ll want to look into though is a replacement for the inventory system, while a basic inventory system is provided and works just fine, it’s very bare and is easily recognizable from anyone who has seen or used the template. There are a few options out there but the one that i like the most is the Inventory and Weapon Modding System (ICWM). Not only does it integrate with the shooter template but it gives you the ability to have a cool and customize able inventory as well as full customization of your weapons if that’s a feature you want to add.



Third Person Controller – Shooter Template is definitely worth the investment, the support is great and you can always expect something new, head on over and check it out!





  • Flexible
  • Customize able
  • Complete Shooter System
  • Includes Melee & Basic Locomotion Systems
  • Smooth & Customize Able Camera System
  • Various Gameplay Styles Available (Top Down, Over The Shoulder, Etc.)
  • Full Ragdoll Physics System


  • Basic/Poor Inventory System
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