ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6 brings to you a Scandinavian style house, build in every single detail.




The scene is high optimized, perfect for a smoot and immersive VR experience !
All furniture and props are highly detailed and can be reused in any other project.
NEW! Improved rain FX in v.1.2

– Fully explorable interior
– More than 200 prefabs
– VR Desktop Ready (Oculus, Vive)
– Mobile Ready (Android, iOS)
– Ready for Baked and Realtime GI
– HD 4K Texture
– Post Processing Stack Setup
– Custom shader (Height Blend 3 Layer, Height Blend 2 layer, Nature Wind, Parallax Occlusion, Velvet, Flipbook, Double Sided )



ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6 is the latest addition in the ArchVizPRO series, truly complimenting all the rest and pushing the boundaries of unity to the max! Vol.6 is full of all sorts of high quality assets and very useful features, showing off the latest post processing stack and utilizing some of the best features Unity 2018 has to offer.



As advertised the asset pack is completely modular and comes with various room setups, giving off a complete homey vibe. Not olu does it offer high quality assets but the pack also comes with lots of cool and useful shaders that really help bring the scenes to life. My favorite of course is the rain shader which simulates rain drops on the ground as well as windows, displaying HD rain drops that seam realistic and have lots of options to fine tune for your needs.

A shinning feature is of course the volumetric lighting and the baked lighting, the setup is so perfect that it truly gives off an incredibly realistic look. Mind you this comes at a cost, while the presentation is great and the baked lighting surely helps performance, the baked textures end up being incredibly large, about one gigabytes in size. This could be an expected result based on bake settings, size of scene, objects used, etc. but it surely is something to keep in mind when you are building to various platforms as sometimes size truly does matter.



There’s no shortages when it comes to the ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6 asset pack, especially for exterior design. Playing around with the demo scenes you can see that not only does the pack come with interior design but exterior as well, providing high quality foliage as well as realistic look and moving clouds as well as rain. Making this a supremely well rounded asset.










  • High Quality Models & Textures
  • Realistic Environment
  • AAA Presentation
  • Tons of Useful Extras
  • Utilizes Best Features of Unity 2018


  • Character Prefab in Desktop Demo Broken (Replaced with prefab from Standard Assets to get working)
  • Character Prefab Movements Slow (Could be for presentation but seems too slow)
Author Tsuyoi
Categories Unity Asset Review

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