GAIA gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and delivers simplefast and prettyterra-forming, texturing,
planting and placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.

While GAIA is a terrain and scene generation system at heart, GAIA also saves you time and heartache by automating the setup of your builtin, lw or hd render pipeline, character, sounds, water, skies, post fx and lighting, so that you can be up and running around in your scene in minutes.




For the more seasoned adventurer Gaia eXtensions also allow you to integrate and leverage your other favorite assets with a couple more clicks.

Gaia’s Customers Say:
“Stunningly Well Designed Tools”
“This is by far the BEST of the BEST”
“Making the Very Hard, Very Easy”
“Finally, A Terrain Tool for Artists”
“Exceptional Product and Support!”

And with over 1000 5* ratings and 300+ written reviews, its no wonder GAIA is the most popular terrain system on the store!

With GAIA you will:
– Choose your target renderer (builtin, lw, hd);
– Choose your target environment (mobile, vr, desktop);
– Choose your game camera and game control styles;
– Create your terrain either manually by stamping features exactly where you want them, or procedurally with a few clicks, or both;
– Enhance your terrain by terracing, eroding, mixing, blending and other effects;
– Texture, plant, and populate your terrain with grasses, rocks trees and farms;
– Add your player, water, screen shotter, skies, sounds and post fx with a click;
– And finally, just press play!

Key Features:
– Builtin terrain support;
– LW & HD SRP v4.8/v5.7 terrain support;
– Builtin, LW & HD SRP v4.8/v5.7 water system;
– Automated pipeline installation & optimal setup;
– Mixed manual and procedural scene generation;
– Resources system – use our sample assets or your own;
– Stamping system – mix and blend stamps to shape your terrain;
– Spawning system – procedurally texture, plant and populate;
– Sessioning system – backup and share sessions to reliably re-create scenes;
– Extension system – create, share and leverage other assets;
– Enhancement system – enhance terrains with many utilities (terracing, eroding etc);
– Exporting system – export meshes, splatmaps, normal maps, shoreline, slope, curvature, aspects and more;
– Points of interest – spawn farms, villages, cemeteries or whatever you can imagine into your scenes;
– Take and share screen shots with the screen-shotting system, including a nifty way to easily find the exact spot the screen shot was taken;
– Set up your sound, lighting, post fx and water and and insta-pretty your scenes with a click;
– And much more – GAIA does the work of many assets in one.




Sample Assets Included:
The following samples are free for you to use in your own games:
– 3D Low Poly Adventure from Synty Studios;
– 3D Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge;
– Ambient Skies, Sounds, Post FX & Water from Procedural Worlds;
– Grasses from Turboscalpeur;
– Real Rocks from MotuProprio;
– Textures from;
– Textures from NatureManufacture;
– Trees from SpeedTree;

Important Notes:
– Gaia does not support multi-tile terrains. You can work around this by enabling and working on one terrain at a time. Multi tile support will come with Gaia 2.0.
– Gaia water supports builtin, lw & hd v4.8/v5.7. If not using our water then any lw or hd version should be fine;
– Unity does not support SpeedTree in lw & hd, so the sample SpeedTrees supplied will not work. Support for SpeedTree is coming with Unity 2019 at some point. In the mean time use 3rd party trees such as those provided by NatureManufacture.

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Gaia is one of those “Go To” tools that you’ll regret if you never buy it, with it’s easy to use tools and interfaces, you’ll have a beautiful terrain setup in your scene in no time. Gaia was created from the ground up with the vision that not only should the creation process be fast but fluid as well, giving the developer a break and freed up for more time to focus on other aspects of the project or game.

Fortunately Gaia delivers on that and you can really tell how well thought out and dedicated the team have been to making Gaia one of the best tools it can possibly be.



Scenes like the one above can be made using a combination of Gaia & CTS (another Procedural Worlds asset), pumping up the power you can get out of each asset. A really powerful tool Gaia offers is precise terrain texturing, foliage and object placement, which means you can literally indicate in the settings the requirements for each to spawn at.

This really gives you a huge boost in customization and making your terrain that much more custom for your project, rock placement, buildings, towns, you name it, you can indicate what spawns where and Gaia handles the rest. This offers a lot for one time generation or procedural generation, open world games or small areas, truly controlling how the environment is birthed and giving you the power of a God!

Texture, foliage and object spawning are just a few of the many features Gaia has to offer, allowing you make incredibly large terrains with ease and giving you the tools to optimize the heck out of your terrain, like the powerful terrain smoother which smooths out those jagged edges of your terrain, reducing triangle count and increasing performance, something that for large terrains can be a major game changer.

Reaching sizes of up to 16K sq meters, world size terrains is within grasp and entirely customize able through Gaia, Gaia creates, caresses and improves every aspect of your terrain, just like a loving goddess would.



Gaia comes fully integrated with options for desktop, mobile, vr and other platform terrain creation, tools like first person setups, water setup and post process instant integration make scene creation so easy, it still amazes me to this day each time i make a scene with Gaia.

Gaia was the first to create and utilize Stamping for unity terrains, as many know generating terrains, especially detailed ones can come at a cost of time but Gaia’s Stamping system gives you an option to generate fully detailed terrains, just by using stamp maps or textures, which can be viewed in the editor mode prior to stamping.

Stamping a terrain is not like painting, you can stamp an entire terrain with one stamp or use various stamps to shape certain areas of the terrain, customizing the size, height, shape, etc., of the stamp, pushing customization yet again to another level.

Gaia integrates with the available Gaia stamp packs available on the asset store, currently there are dozens of stamps available offers any type of terrain you can imagine. So the question is, do you have to use the custom Gaia stamps?

The answer is no! You can generate your own custom stamps and use those to create your dream terrain, tutorials and tips are up on the Procedural Worlds website.



Now that you know how powerful Gaia can be, there’s only one thing to do and that’s dive on in!






  • Easy To Use
  • Simple & Straight Forward
  • Provides Tons of Features & Tools
  • Easily Integrates With A Wide Variety of Third Party Assets
  • Powerful & Precise Terrain Creation
  • Constantly Updating and Expanding the Features


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