The Hunt is a next-gen Unity3D project that explores new ways of asset creation.
At beffio studio, we want to provide you with an experience that will inspire you to create something amazing in AAA quality. We have spent a lot of time on the idea, concept art, execution & even music composition, to give an asset of revolutionary quality, a tool to make your own story, using The Hunt content.




What you’re buying:
1. The Idea. 2. The Conceptual Work. 3. 3D Assets. 4. Level Design. 5. Animations used for the Character, FPS Hands, Sci-Fi Vehicle. 6. Color Grading. 7. Camera Composition. 8. Scene Setup with all settings ready to achieve this Sci-Fi look. 9. ADDITIONALLY: Music with SFX used in The Hunt trailer available in a separate asset soon.

About the Scenes: 
Three main scenes with the whole video trailer animation included, made using Timeline and Animation System.

About the Elements inside:
Animated Character, Animated Car, Animated First Person Perspective Hand, HUD, Human Detector, Dumpster, Advertising Stand, Air Conditioner, Arm, Awning, Bar Ceiling, Bar Countertop, Bar Internal Walls, Barrels, Billboards, Bottles, Cables, Can, Capsule, Cardboard Box, Chair, Chinese Food Container, City Hydrant, Concrete Road, Crate, Crumpled Paper, Cup, Cupboard, Door, Door Lock, Dustbin, Electric Box, Euro Palette, Fence, Fire Stairs, Flyer, Food Container, Footbridge, Gate, Grating, Insulator, Ladder, Lantern, Light Stand, Neons, Newspaper, Orb, Pipes, Plants, Satellite, Sawer, Shaft, Shelf, Shutter Cassette, Soil, Street Lamp, Trash bag, Valve, Wires

About Custom Shaders: 
Billboard & Neon Glitch Shader, Car Shader, Car Jet Exhaust Shader, Digital Display Shader, Environment Chunks Shader, HUD Shader, Human Detector Shader, Orb Drone Shader, Shafts Shader, Skin Shader, UI Halo Shader

About Textures: 
Custom HDRI & Reflection Probes, Atlases Textures




This pack was created for desktop platforms. We’re using Volumetric Light System to light all scenes (The plugin is included in this package). Model triangle count starts from 500 triangles and – in the most complicated meshes – ends at 10k (LOD Included). Triangle count in scenes is between 300k triangles to 1.5mln triangles. Scenes are heavy in triangles because we’ve used more than 10,000 elements to create each scene.



The Hunt is an incredibly beautiful asset pack providing breathtaking demo scenes and a truckload of assets to use in your games!

You know when they say “you get what you pay for?”, well for this asset that is the case, for the decently high price you receive a completely versatile asset pack enabling you to create dozens of completely unique scenes from the provided prefabs and demos. One major thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that the asset pack does not come with the project settings included on import, so in order to get the demo scenes to display exactly like in the videos/images on the asset store, you’ll need to request those setting files from the asset creator. If not, all the demo scenes will be completely blown out and not really visible without disabling the visual effects.

While this may not be a huge concern to some people, to others it might be if you really liked the presentation in the demo scenes and want to duplicate the same overall tone, colors, etc. for your own game. Including the projecting settings is something I highly recommend the asset creator to include in future updates as it will ensure that things properly convert over to any users project.



Besides the minor project settings hiccup, diving into the asset pack you can really see just how much is there to play around with, mostly everything is very modular and comes with completely custom shaders which you can choose to use or not, all depending on the outcome of your project. One major thing I did notice though is that the provided shaders are not well optimized, leading to a huge impact in performance in any scene, you can literally have very few objects in the scene and the FPS will drop down to 2-10 FPS. Removing the custom shaders from the scene and the performance instantly jumps up, so this is a big word of caution, use these shaders with great caution.

This result was tested in multiple scenes and it actually took a while to figure out that it was the shaders causing the frame drop as I assumed it was something more impactful, such as too many objects in the scene, too many lights, too many animators, etc. but in the end, the shaders proved to be the culprit. While the impact may vary depending on the computer used I can say that I do have a pretty beefy computer and am able to play most if not all really high end video games with ease, yet these shaders were the exception.

So while the models and scenes are well done, if you take some time and adjust all the shaders to standard or high performance shaders, you’ll most likely end up with much higher performance demo scenes and a better idea of what you can expect for scene built in a similar fashion.




The asset pack has a few bumps here and there but in the end proves to be worth the price and worth the time of getting over those bumps and diving deeper into the asset and better learning how to utilize it exactly how you want. The Hunt is ready for you to dive on into, head on over and check it out!








  • Beautiful & Masterfully Created Demo Scenes
  • Completely Modular Assets
  • Environmental Effects Provided (Weather, Etc.)
  • One of A Kind Asset
  • Provides Enough To Create An Entire Game
  • Well Designed & Well Thought Out


  • Broken Import (Lack of Project Settings)
  • Low Performance (Cause: Custom Shaders)
Author Tsuyoi
Categories Unity Asset Review

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